Fitted window shutter blinds

Vertical Blinds versus Venetian Blinds

With the number of window coverings that are available on the market and at Brixham Blinds, we appreciate that even if you know you need new blinds…

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Window Blinds Ideas 2019

When it comes to the finishing touches in your house, your window blinds can either make or break a room.

Black and white venetian blinds in a white living room with statement furniture

Beautiful blinds in coventry

Whether you have a bay window, a straight window, small or big, the best way to make the most of them is with beautiful blinds in Coventry.

Vertical blinds in communal area

The aesthetics of window blinds

Everybody at some point has had those Monday morning feelings, but with our window blinds, Coventry, you can brighten up any office.

Lime green roman blinds

Bespoke window blinds with child safety in mind

Choosing your bespoke window blinds is an exciting time and sometimes, the technicalities are often overlooked.

Bespoke intu blinds at Brixham blinds

Get bespoke INTU blinds to avoid holes or screws

Decorating your home whether it’s new or when you’re looking for a refresh can be tricky and that’s before any of the work has started.

made to measure kitchen blinds

Made to measure blinds are a must

More often than not, there’s a lot more to choosing the perfect blinds then we realise. Whether you’re decorating a newly purch…

bespoke fitted blinds

Bespoke fitted blinds

We’ve all been away for the weekend or on holiday and have completely fallen in love with our sophisticated and luxurious hotels…