How Patterned Blinds Can Complement Your Home

Whether you are doing work on your kitchen, living room or bedrooms, fresh blinds or shutters can help rejuvenate the entire room. So now we have cleared up that blinds are always a great idea, let’s talk about patterns.

A lot of people tend to look at block colour and see patterns as out dated or tacky but really they are a great way to add a feature to any room.

Picture this, walking in to you fresh new kitchen and seeing the same of bland white blinds, not thinking about having a tastefully patterned and carefully selected colourful blind that complement the rooms colour scheme with out being garish or loud. A subtle use of colour and pattern can help in any room to just add a little bit of depth.

Where Could these work?

The number one use for patterned blinds is in kids bedrooms, and that is a perfect place for them, it takes away the difficult task of doing excessive wall decoration, with out taking away the fun and child friendly designs you need for that room. Still not sold?

How about your front room? A lot of homes go for white vertical blinds but if you swap them for patterned roller blinds, it adds character and can easily complement a huge variety of different homes and decors, it doesnt have to be intricate floral designs or crazy patterns because sometimes less is more for example a simple pinstripe or arrangements of striped colour.

Need more information?

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