Is 2021 the year for bespoke window blinds? (We think so)

Bespoke window blinds are not for everyone – but they should be

Have you ever purchased blinds that didn’t fit properly or had little nuisances that occur despite having accurate measurements? Ever found yourself driving from shop to shop trying to find exactly what you need but can never find it? Or even looked at blinds based on price alone? We have a solution to fix all of that – bespoke window blinds.

Having bespoke window blinds brings many advantages and the main one being that you get exactly what you want, for the price that right and you won’t have to settle for little mis-measurements or blinds that don’t work properly over time.

Brown wooden Shutter Blinds in living room

With bespoke window blinds you won’t be left inconvenienced and frustrated

Starting to look for blinds in a world where there are a number of options to choose from can be exhausting. With so many factors to consider, like light, heat, functionality and safety, bespoke window blinds takes all of this into account and are measure to measure for the purpose of your windows and your windows alone. Without the correct measurements and fittings to your specific windows, light and heat will escape and is simply not worth the expense when you can order a perfectly fitted custom blinds.

made to measure kitchen roman blinds

There’s only positives

When you look at the time, research and energy it takes to shop for blinds (as well as expense), you simply save all this by choosing bespoke window blinds. The team at Brixham Blinds are as passionate as they are skilled, which means they do all of the research and hard work for you. We have that much confidence that we offer a complete 5-year guarantee on all our bespoke blinds and a 7-day fitting promise. Meaning that we will build, deliver and fit your blinds within 7 days as well as having the measurements finished within 48 hours of your consultation.

We think the best thing about bespoke blinds is that you have complete control over the style and look of your blinds. This means finding the perfect fit for you, your family and your home. There’s also the guarantee that every fabric or material we have is a quality product. Investing in top-quality fabrics and materials not only provides durability, but also the peace of mind that your curtains are both energy-efficient and are long-lasting.

But it doesn’t stop there?

With a huge range of bespoke window blinds to choose from, we also offer advice on what’s best suited for the space you wish to discuss and why. With having such an array of designs and styles of bespoke window blinds, we can guarantee that your design is here waiting for you to find it.

You can choose from:

Roller blinds
Venetian blinds
Shutter blinds
Vertical blinds
Intu blinds
Roman blinds
Black out blinds
Designed or neutral blinds
Plus many more…

The question is – when and how? First step – get in touch.