5 popular shutter blinds and styles

Shutter blinds are a timeless addition to your home – they have never and will never age or go out of fashion. This is down to their simplicity, elegancy and their pure beauty. A true timeless classic.

In this article, we’re going to explore different shutter blinds and their styles and why they could work for you, in your home.

Full height shutter blinds

The most popular and versatile shutter blinds that people often choose are full height shutters. This simply means that each shutter panel is made to the full height of your window and frame. Full height is very classic and elegant and gives you the most privacy and control when it comes to light. They can pretty much be fitted to any window shape and size and make for a great addition in coved bays and windows.

White shutter blinds in an all white living area

Tier on tier makes for perfection on perfection

If you like the idea of full heigh shutters but have quite long and large windows, tier on tier shutter blinds are a practical and stylish choice. This is essentially two sets of ‘full height’ shutter blinds on top of each others, allowing you to open the top and bottom areas and sections independently from each other. This is great for light consideration and are especially useful for rooms that are front facing and are exposed to a lot of foot fall. In sunnier rooms, tier-on-tier shutter blinds help to reduce glare on tv and computer screens, but also allow in enough light to help you work or read.

A true icon – Cafe style shutter blinds

Cafe style shutter blinds are truly iconic and for good reason too. They create a unique look as they sit at the bottom half of your windows. It’s essentially the bottom half of the tier on tier blinds we mentioned above. As the name suggests, these are popular in restaurants and bars as they protect the people in side but still let a lot of light in. This doesn’t mean they are just limited to public areas. If you have a house that has long and tall windows, these would be great for privacy but still allowing the big windows to remain as main features of your home.

For added texture and even more style and control over light, pair your café style shutter blinds with curtains.

Cream shutter blinds image

For bold statements – choose solid shutters

Traditionally, shutter blinds are known for the louvre panels, it’s a unique feature. However, if you like the idea of shutters but don’t want the panels, solid shutters are a solid choice. They are refined and unique and can be used for any home or window. If you have small windows in your home, these would be a great addition and offer something different to your home.
On the other hand, Solid shutter blinds are useful when it comes to large expanses of glass such as sliding patio doors. This gives you flexibility when it comes to creating the illusion of a false wall when the shutters are closed.

Tracked shutters – another great choice

Our solid wood and full height louvre shutters can be fitted to a track, creating a smooth sliding mechanism that’s perfect for room divides or walk in wardrobes. These are particularly good for large windows too that may be more exposed and are in need of privacy. Depending on your window specifications, our tracked shutters can be fitted to a top track only or to a top and bottom rail.
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