A useful guide to choosing blackout blinds

We can all appreciate a good nights sleep – who doesn’t? Sometimes, the best nights sleep can be determined by how your space is set up and the blinds you have.

If you are sensitive to sunlight or live in an area that is well lit with street lights, blackout blinds are the best options to create darkness, blocking out those annoying lights that can beam through. We’re going to explore some options for which blackout blinds you can opt for and what’s the best for your room.

Why blackout blinds are good for sleep?

If you’re a light sleeper, the smallest thing can affect your sleep. Creating a dark environment is great until the sun rises and then that deep sleep quickly turns into tossing and turning in bed. As mentioned above, sleep is extremely important. Ensuring you have the right sleeping environment is vital for a healthy and blackout blinds can aid a better nights sleep. It’s a simple yet effective solution that is often overlooked.

What options are available?

In general, there are three types of blinds that are most suitable for a blackout option; Roller blinds, Roman blinds and Vertical blinds.
These blinds can be bought with a thicker fabric that is designed to block out light. Whereas Venetian blinds or Shutter blinds that have slats that can’t close tight enough so between slats you will always see horizontal beams of light.

Roller blinds

Roller blinds are the most popular choices amongst customers when it comes to blackout blinds. It has to be said that many people may not realise that there are other types of bespoke blinds that can have a blackout option. However, made to measure roller blinds are a great choice because of their flexibility and simplicity to use. These are great for bold yet subtle additions to your home and can be ordered with a thicker blackout fabric as standard. You have the freedom to choose a colour and style so your roller blind can be matched with the interior of your room.


Grey roller blinds in

Roman blinds

A roman blind can offer more style and class. It is more of an uncommon option and can add flair and elegance to your room. You can actually choose certain roman blinds that can block the light out itself depending on the colour and fabric you choose. Though it can do the job itself, if you opt for lighter colours and fabrics, you can accessorise your blind and they compliment curtains very well. Many people opt to have matching curtains to use their blind as more of a feature. However, they are great and very versatile on their own.


Jive orange roman blackout blinds

Vertical blinds

Depending on the fabric you choose, if it’s thicker, some vertical blinds offer water-resistance as well as blackout properties. Most vertical blinds are made from PVC that have the added benefit of blocking out unwanted sunlight and have a better orientation of the slats. This means they overlap naturally and to a better extend, block out the light as there are no visible gaps. However, if it’s complete darkness you’re after, we would recommend a roller or roman blind over vertical.
Vertical blinds hold their own benefits as they are water-resistant and are a lot easier to clean. Very important if you’ve got little children around the house. They are all very safe too – like all of our bespoke blinds.

vertical blinds for the bedroom

How made to measure blinds can benefit you

The worst situation that we want to avoid is you falling in love with a blind and then realising it’s not available. The issue with ‘stock’ blinds is that whilst they’re handy for a quick grab, they may not facilitate your space properly. Made to measure bespoke blinds can add the perfect addition to your home. They can be tailored to your specific requirements and you can order in the knowledge that you will receive blinds that are measured perfectly.
For more information on blackout blinds or any of our bespoke blinds, get in touch today.