Beautiful blinds in coventry

Whether you have a bay window, a straight window, small or big, the best way to make the most of them is with beautiful blinds in Coventry. Sometimes, the hardest decision isn’t identifying you need new blinds or curtains, but the difficulty comes alight when looking for inspiration.


If you’re looking for window dressing ideas, then we can completely appreciate why. With the variations of blinds in Coventry alongside style, design and material, it’s a wonder how anybody chooses the perfect blinds at all … at least not before changing your mind again.

Before dressing any windows with blinds in Coventry, the first thing to do is to make sure your windows are clean. It’s near impossible to imagine beautiful blinds or curtains if you can’t see past those cobwebs or sticky fingerprints.


When it comes to bedrooms, we believe the best blinds in Coventry have got to be blackout blinds; similarly, roller blinds with a blackout lining is even better. Why we hear you ask? Let us set the scene. Imagine you are having a lie-in (A rarity these days we know) but then the sun decides to poke its head through and instantly, you’re reminded of why lie-ins are a rarity. With the addition of roller blinds with a blackout lining, you can enjoy your lies in without being interrupted by any natural light; whilst maintaining an elegant yet airy aura.

Kitchens and Bathrooms

Venetian blinds are a great addition to kitchen and bathroom spaces especially because they come in a variety of materials such as metal, plastic and wood. Due to the functionality of these spaces and the ability to tilt them to your preference making these blinds diverse and stylish. Whether you want to let more or less light in, or for extra privacy, Venetian blinds in Coventry are a must. By adding these to social spaces in your house, you need blinds that are easy to clean and Venetians serve that purpose perfectly.

Conservatory blinds in Coventry

Vertical blinds are perfect and a practical solution for larger conservatories, French doors or patio doors. However, depending on your style and design, these can come across as a little dated. You always have the option of fabric curtains to keep your room cosy and warm, however, these will serve as more of a statement piece in comparison to the subtle and discreet addition that vertical blinds would bring.
If you have a smaller conservatory, roman blinds are a simple yet stylish solution. With bespoke fitted blinds, you can tailor the design to fit perfectly into the style and ambience of your home. These can be hung over each panel of glass and can be adjusted depending on where the sun hits to create shade and privacy. Lighter colours and subtle prints will maintain a feeling of space and reflect heat.

Shutter blinds

The traditional shutter blinds in Coventry are effortlessly elegant and discreet. We would always recommend a bold shade for a statement window and subtle colours that coordinate with your room choice like white or pale grey. There are also different variations of shutter blinds that are available but each is guaranteed to block out the light completely whilst adding a touch of elegance to your home.

Smaller rooms

If you have a room in your house that hardly classes as a room then curtains may be a good option for you. For example, if you had a cloakroom or glazed outside doors that you want to cover for privacy but it isn’t a dominant feature, then you can choose from a bespoke curtain range to get the perfect fit. A perfect example of this is sheer curtains that add privacy yet discreetly add style too. To maximise your subtle addition to your smaller rooms, you could use a narrow curtain rail to ensure it is virtually invisible. Similarly, if you have single windows and don’t want to have an overpowering set of curtains, you can choose a single curtain instead of pairs; giving you a contemporary yet laid back look.

Choosing your blinds in Coventry or curtains can often be the hardest part of the process. This is why at Brixham Blinds we have confidence in our products, customer service and service offerings. We’re always on hand for you to pick our brains for the perfect addition to your household, so if you want to deal with a company who have a 7-day fitting promise to meet your needs as quickly as possible, get in touch today.