Bespoke window blinds and child safety

With more and more people spending more time at home due to Covid-19 restrictions, the time to turn your attention to bespoke window blinds and child safety is now. The good news is, within the last 16 years, child safety legislations since 2004 have been vamped up and improved in order to protect young children and toddlers. The issue is, if you haven’t chosen any bespoke window blinds since the legislation came into place, there could be a risk when it comes to existing cords, pulley strings and mechanisms.

Bespoke window blinds minimise the risk

Cords that are not on bespoke window blinds that have been produced in the last 6 years increase the risk to children and toddlers. This is down to their behaviour and curiosity. If you’re young children and toddlers are mobile, they are more prone to placing cords and mechanisms in their mouths and choke. That mixed in with the fact that children are less likely to know how to react can make this very dangerous for them. As parents, if you don’t keep your eye on them 24/7, it can be critical, unfortunately. With bespoke window blinds, you don’t have to worry about this because they all adhere to guidelines and legislation.

Portrait of an innocent small boy peeping through window with bespoke window blinds

Child safety systems

Depending on the type of bespoke window blinds you choose, Brixham blinds can offer different designs and ways to incorporate child safety without compromising on the quality of the blinds themselves. We have a number of options for you to choose from cleats, chains to tie cords; out of reach from little hands and pets.

When you choose Brixham blinds, it is our duty and care to install your bespoke window blinds safely and in line with legislation. However, if you choose to install themselves as many people do, you need to ensure you fit them properly and safely.

If you’re in two minds about changing your blinds, there are also some quick things to put in place around your home that can help keep your children safe.

Little girl sat in a bay of a window looking outside

Quick wins with bespoke window blinds

Below, we’ve listed a few safety suggestions that can further protect your children and pets, making it more difficult for them to harm themselves or reach windows and blinds:

– Be vigilant when choosing bespoke window blinds and letting kids be alone around any ties or cords you may not have secured

– Do not place beds, cots and chairs near a window whereby children can stand up or reach over to anything that can cause them harm

– This can also be in relation to adult furniture or anything children and young toddlers can climb on or over.
Seriously consider shutter blinds as these are cordless

– Keep an eye on old cord ends – if they become weak, they could easily fall off and be easily picked up by mobile kids and pets. This can be dangerous as they could be a choking hazard.

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For advice and guidance on the matter of child safety and our bespoke made to measure blinds, why not get in touch and let us help you out with any questions or worries you have.