Choosing the best bespoke blinds for your kitchen

Window treatments can make all the difference to the look and feel of your kitchen. Bespoke blinds can introduce vibrant colours, different textures, simplistic or popping patterns and can make the room feel like it’s your own. You can have the opportunity to make a real difference in this often neglected room.

Choosing the right bespoke blinds

Choosing the right window treatments for your kitchen can be tricky, especially if you have no idea what you want or what direction to turn to. When it comes to bespoke blinds for your kitchen, you may face some extra challenges as it can be tricky because there are a few things to consider and keep in mind.


There are thousands of stunning designs, fabrics, colours and transparencies to choose from in our roller, vertical, venetian and roman blind collections – as well as curtains.
Window coverings have lots of practical applications in the kitchen too, a subject we’ve explored in-depth in this blog post best bespoke blinds for kitchens where you can find lots of tips on choosing blinds.


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The location of your kitchen windows

This may not be an obvious thing to look into because nearly every single kitchen has at least one window. However, the location of them and where they are specifically placed can determine what bespoke blinds you go for.
Something we may all may be familiar with seeing is having a window directly above your sink and naturally, this may narrow down your options. For example, after a sink full of dishes to get through, the last thing you certainly won’t want is a long, flowing Roman Blind dipping into your sink.
For the windows that sit directly above your kitchen sink, bespoke blinds are best suited as these can be custom-ordered to the exact length of your window along with all of the other dimensions. The perfect fit Venetian blinds are always a solid pick for this location since these are durable and versatile with low maintenance.

With slat measurements being bespoke to your size windows and are easily cleaned if there were to be any splashes from your sink. Consider choosing a light colour that allows plenty of sunshine in through the slats, but avoid stark-white as naturally, these tend to get dirtier more easier, especially with your kitchen area most likely being an high-traffic space in your home.

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Blinds for other kitchen windows

Many kitchens have more than one window which means you have more flexibility with the type of blinds you can choose. For the kitchen windows that are situated away from your sink, you can look at stylish bespoke blinds such as vertical blinds. These are versatile and attractive blinds that are ideal for breakfast nooks and eat-in dining areas. Because they can be easily laundered in your home washing machine, you won’t need to worry about jelly-covered fingers soiling up your brand new blinds!
When selecting vertical blinds for your kitchen, be sure to explore different colours. Adding some colour to your kitchen with window coverings can brighten up your space, without the high cost of repainting your cabinetry and you can put your personal touch on them.


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Making a feature out of your windows

If your kitchen windows are facing the garden then Roller blinds are a must. They almost act as a magic screen that is great for kitchens with a view. Some roller blinds allow you to see our during the day without others looking in making them the perfect addition if you have kids. These also come in a variety of colours and patterns which can act as a statement piece in your kitchen should you choose too.
If you have longer and taller windows, then Shutter blinds can also be an option you should consider. Kitchens are one of our shutter blinds’ favourite environments. Not only are they able to handle all of the heat, moisture and mess that comes with a communal area of the house, but they also look great in modern and traditional settings. They offer a subtle yet distinctive offering which can integrate into any look or feel of a kitchen seamlessly.