Our bespoke blinds can save you money

We appreciate that the idea of having bespoke fitted blinds can sound costly. Though we are competitively priced, by fitting blinds from our vast selection, you will in fact be saving money and we will tell you how below.


Many people are not aware that blinds are effective in both heating and cooling down your home and you could save money on your bills by fitting the right blinds. Having these bespoke blinds fitted and with the clever use of these blinds; not only enhance your home aesthetically, but are successful in regulating the temperature of your home. All of our blinds are bespoke and made to measure so you won’t have to settle for just any design either.

So you may be wondering, how do the blinds heat and cool down a house at the same time?


We’ll let you into a little secret. When the sunlight is beaming, the space between your window and the blinds captures the heat which will be absorbed by the blinds creating the perfect greenhouse effect and keeping you and your home warm during the colder months of the year. To cool your house down, simply raise the blinds to leave the window uncovered.

Naturally, depending on which blinds you choose will vary on the results you feel. Brixham Blinds have years of experience to educate our customers on which blinds are most suited for your household. If installed correctly, window blinds are effective in saving energy over a period of time.

It doesn’t just stop there.

At Brixham Blinds, we are doing more than just providing your home with a product that could save you money and look great at the same time. We never comprise safety for style and design when it comes to our discreet blinds. We eliminate any possible hazards and further risks; especially for children. We want to ensure that your blinds are the perfect fit for you and your family.


Brixham Blinds save you money


Get in touch today for a complete run down of your bespoke blinds from start to finish. Don’t forget that we offer made to measure blinds in Coventry too.