Decorate your blinds and windows this Christmas

Now that December is in full swing, the team at Brixham Blinds are more excited than ever, so we thought, what better way than to talk Christmas and festive ideas of how to decorate your windows, blinds and curtains this Christmas.  We know nothing says like a big Christmas tree in the window, but why stop there. With windows being such big features in most rooms in your home, you don’t want to invest in festive decorations that will limit use and functionality of your blinds and windows.

Bold decisions – change of blinds?

If you’re feeling extra festive and want a complete change of aesthetic, you could opt for more festive colours on a new set of blinds. This is, of course a more extreme way of decorating your windows during festive periods. However, if you’ve got neutral, beige tones dotted around your home in the shape of blinds, a change of colour might not be a bad thing.

Christmas decorations on fake snow during christmas time

Hanging decorations

If you’re looking for more of a decorative way of making the most of your windows, hanging decorations re definitely a winner for your home. There are many ornaments, garlands, lights, ribbons, bunting and wreathes you could choose. As they become more advanced, they are safer and won’t damage the likes of your windows, blinds or curtains. The best thing is that there are handing decorations that can match your style and aesthetic with a vast number of colours and designs available. Want to get the whole family involved? Create your own arts and crafts.

Christmas decorations near some window blinds

Prefer to leave your blinds and windows untouched?

Decorations for your blinds and windows do not have to be physically attached to anything. There are loads of options that are freestanding from teddies to Christmas ornaments. You can get loads of these in shops and online and they won’t affect the physical blinds themselves. You have more flexibility with these as you can move them around the house as and when you please – making even more room for all those presents.

Take inspiration from nature

You can still bring the outdoors inside with a classic christmassy smell and pinewood drifting through your home. You can grab loads of festive greenery and place it on your window panels, around your blinds and around the house. These can be complimented by season flowers and plants. With all of the festive cooking on as well, you can use seasonal scented candles to create even more of an ambience. This is also useful is stopping the smells of food sinking into your fabrics blinds in the kitchen. Of course, a little Christmas baking won’t hurt – so go on, treat yourself this Christmas and get festive!