Inspiration for choosing your very own bespoke window blinds

Attention can quickly turn to your home interior and whatever the style of home you have, there is always some bespoke window blinds waiting for you. Windows are often the biggest features in room and the way you dress them can have big impacts on the ambience and look and feel of your rooms.

As with all aspects of interior design, there are certain bespoke window blinds that will be the perfect fit for the specific types of windows you have. As always, we want to give you the best advice so you can find exactly what you’re looking when it comes to choosing the right additions for your home.

What are window treatments?

In order to find what works well in your home, you have to know what window treatments are and what options are available. For starters, most window treatments can be classified as blinds, shades or curtains. All of these options come in two variations; off the shelf or bespoke to your requirements. Each has its advantages but if you want the perfect fit, bespoke window blinds and tailored curtains are the best bets. Bespoke blinds, shades and curtains are fully customisable and can offer complete light and privacy control. You don’t even have to compromise on style and design as there are many options to choose from. Below, we break down a few of these.


Avery Blush Roman blinds

Bespoke window blinds for kitchens

More often than not, your kitchen acts like the hub for your home. This is where you cook up a storm, socialise and eat, whether it’s for your family or guests, it’s where all the fun stuff happens. Despite all of this, the functionality of the bespoke window blinds you choose need to facilitate how your kitchen works. Naturally, curtains are not a good options for kitchens but due to high and low temperatures and high levels of moisture, you need blinds that can handle all of this.

Roman blinds are a great option for your kitchens. They can be opened and closed to your exact height requirements so you can benefit from beautiful bespoke window blinds without worrying about things like splash back or spillages. We do recommend cleaning these more often to avoid any smells lingering on the fabric. If you want to go for more of a safer option, faux wood blinds are great and can offer a real touch of naturalness to your kitchen.


Bespoke intu blinds at Brixham blinds


Make your bedroom your sanctuary

If there’s any bespoke window blinds you should really put thought into, it’s the ones for your bedroom. You want to create the right ambience for your room, whether that’s to be really cosy or more of natural look and feel. If you struggle to sleep, black out blinds are great for complete darkness and to block out the light completely. Roman blinds, again, are great as you can opt for lighter colours and fabric for a softer addition or choose heavy patterns and designs if you want your blinds to act as more of a statement piece. Depending on the windows you have, you can also have shutter blinds which are sturdy and long lasting. They also offer a touch of elegance and you don’t run the risk of them becoming outdated.

Bright orange roman blinds in a colourful bedroom

Living and dining rooms

For rooms that are well-lit, opting for lighter roman blinds or roller blinds are a great way to add a subtle yet prominent feature. This also allows for great functionality and to help with insulation. The great thing about bespoke window blinds is that you can really make them your own and they can be matched to your interior perfectly.

Need help choosing the right bespoke window blinds?

We know there’s a world of bespoke window blinds that can be daunting. The team at Brixham Blinds are here to support you for that very reason. Above, we summarised a few popular choices for bespoke blinds. There are still many more you can opt for so if you want to explore all of your options, get in touch today.