Keep your blinds looking sharp this winter

Naturally, we all want to hold onto Summer as long as possible, however, we’d all be in denial if we haven’t noticed the colder and rainy weather beginning to creep in. However, we’ve got top tips on how to keep your home looking great and leaving the cold winds outside.

Without proper care and attention, your blinds can become dirty or look outdated very quickly. We previously discussed in detail how to clean your blinds thoroughly and today, we’re going to delve a little deeper into quick wins of how to keep your blinds looking sharp this winter.

How to create warmth with your blinds

In rooms such as your bathrooms, it will quickly show how these can come across cold and icy, especially if you have tiles and big mirrors. A room like this is somewhere to be avoided in the winter and as we all know this isn’t ideal because you need to use them. They are not easy to design either due to their functionality being needed throughout the different seasons.
With the damp at bay and the fittings tuned to perfection, you’ll be able to scour your imagination for new additions or aesthetics for your bathrooms. Some warm, festive colours will work well in winter – think rich reds and opulent purples. These shades can be incorporated into either a set of bathroom tiles to frame your shower or bath or as a set of blinds that will make a feature wall if your bathroom is on the large side. The types of blinds perfect in creating this look are through roller blinds. This allows for the cold to be trapped outside and can bring a depth and elegance through the use of block colours.


Upgrade your window area

Nobody likes a drafty bathroom, especially in winter. Sorting out your window can make the difference between your bathroom being a comfortable place to spend time and a terrifyingly chilly prospect first thing in the morning or last thing at night.
Of course, we have blinds will help you achieve this quite easily. Roller blinds will allow you to block out the worst of any draught, while Venetians blinds will let a little light in. If you’re looking for a subtle but elegant addition to your bathrooms, shutter blinds are ideal for this. However, they do leave you slightly exposed when opened, so we would always recommend having these upstairs or in rooms downstairs where you don’t mind.


Your blind choice depends largely on what kind of bathroom blinds you want, so browse away and you’ll soon find something to fit whatever aesthetic you desire.


Keep it natural

Sometimes, you need additions to your home that complement your blinds. Having houseplants can quite literally add a bit of life to any room, and there are plenty of plants out there that’ll thrive in the humid conditions of a bathroom and the harsh conditions of Winter. Aloe vera, bamboo and spider plants are all well-suited to a bathroom – even in winter.

Opting for a few floral flourishes for your home is a quick, inexpensive way to breathe new life into space – all you’ll need to do is remember to water them and they’ll soon be a verdant fixture of your bathroom for years to come. However, you could even get potted plants like cactus that need little to no maintenance at all. These natural aspects will always compliment subtle and neutral blind colours as they can act as a stand-alone feature in any room.

Insulated Blinds

Also known as roman blinds, these insulated blinds work on the principle of trapping air within their structure. During the winter this helps retain heat inside the room and during the summer prevent hot air from entering.
Whichever way you choose to improve your home this winter, be sure to add a dash of your creativity to make the space truly your own. Once it’s personalised, a sharp-looking interior will look fantastic all through winter and beyond.

If you’re ready to update your home with some bespoke blinds for winter, contact us today to see how we can help you find the perfect blinds for your home.