Keep your home warm this winter with fitted blinds

Get your home ready for winter

It’s that time of year again. The weather is getting colder by the day and Christmas is fast approaching. As well as the expense of Christmas events and shopping, as the temperatures drop, your energy bills go up. Keeping your home warm in winter is essential, especially when entertaining guests around the festive season. When it comes to preparing our homes for winter, everyone insulates their lofts without hesitation and spends money on countless throws, rugs and warming carpets. All too often a home’s windows and fittings are overlooked but this Christmas, you should turn your attention to fitted blinds.

Any opportunity to save yourself some money over the festive period should be taken. Why not save on your energy bills and keep your home warm and cosy this winter by upgrading your blinds? At Brixham Blinds, we offer a wide range of high quality fitted blinds that can help make sure the winter weather isn’t harsh on your wallet or your home.


Thermal roman fitted blinds

Roman blinds are the go-to choice for your home’s bedrooms, living room or large kitchens due to their thermal nature. The soft and delicate fabric of roman blinds means your house stays warm and cosy, without an overbearing, heavy fitting taking over the room. It keeps your home looking elegant and fresh even in the harshest of winters. At Brixham Blinds, our roman blinds are available in a range of colours and patterns, perfect for pulling any room together and giving it that finishing touch. Our fitted blinds are made to measure so they fit seamlessly in your home.


Fitted roller blinds

Roller blinds are the perfect fitted blinds all year round as they look pretty perfect in just about any room. Choosing thermal roller blinds will help keep your home warm this winter, with a woven fabric that reduces the amount of cold air entering the room. Going for a blackout roller blind will also help add to the thermal qualities. Not only are roller blinds practical in terms of winter weather, but they’re also really easy to maintain. Simply wipe down with a clean cloth to keep your blinds looking good as new, so there’s no need to worry about any marks that might crop up at your Christmas parties.


Warm wooden blinds

Adding a layer of insulation to your home is easy when you choose wooden blinds. The thickness of the material helps keep out the cold and also looks great in any home, whether you go for natural wood tones or make a statement and choose black or white. Not only are wooden blinds aesthetically pleasing, but they’re also practical. Keep on top of your wooden blind maintenance by wiping with a cloth to keep dust at bay. With Brixham Blinds, wooden blinds are available in modern Venetian styles or the grand feature that is shutter blinds. These fitted blinds in warm wood materials will help keep your home snug throughout winter, as well as add a touch of class and be a talking point in your home, perfect for when you’re entertaining guests over the festive period.


Practical vertical blinds

Vertical blinds come with many advantages. They’re great for rooms with larger windows or patio doors, their vertical nature can create an illusion of extra height. This makes your home feel bigger and grander. They’re also extremely easy to maintain by wiping clean. Choosing vertical blinds woven with a thick material will help keep any winter drafts out of your home. Vertical fitted blinds are a great versatile addition to any room as they can be adjusted in two ways; pulled open completely to let in that little bit of warm sunlight, or open at an angle so you have complete control over your home’s natural lighting. Available in a range of colours from Brixham Blinds.
Investing in quality fitted blinds can help you keep your home warm this winter and save money on your energy bills. At Brixham Blinds, we pride ourselves in providing a wide range of quality bespoke blinds. Contact us today for your free, no-obligation quote.