Finding the perfect kitchen window blinds in Coventry

For many people, the kitchen is the centre of their home. It’s where families gather to talk about their day and where you spend huge amounts of time waking up, cooking and eating with your nearest and dearest. Finding the perfect fitted window blinds for your kitchen will give it the love and attention it deserves. At Brixham Blinds, we pride ourselves in providing the perfect fit for any home with our range of bespoke window blinds Coventry. Before you jump in and purchase just any old window covering for your kitchen, it’s important to think about what you want from your kitchen window blinds; style, practicality, warmth – to mention just a few factors. This way you can find the perfect fit for you. Take a look at our range of bespoke window blinds and find the perfect match for your kitchen.

Go practical with roller blinds

If you’re looking for bespoke kitchen blinds that are practical, easy on your wallet and look good, then roller blinds could be the ones for you. Roller blinds are a popular choice for most homes due to their simple design and easy to use mechanism. With bespoke roller blinds, you can control the amount of light that comes into your kitchen. This is especially handy if you need more natural light for cooking and hosting and also if you want to block out light to prevent your kitchen from overheating. If you want to revitalise your kitchen window with window blinds Coventry, roller blinds are the perfect choice as they provide a large canvas so you can get adventurous with a bold colour or even a print.

One feature that makes roller blinds perfect for your kitchen is their practicality. Most roller blinds are made from PVC or polyester materials, making them easy to wipe clean, perfect for and food or drink splashes that may occur in the kitchen. If you’re a keen cook, any smells from your culinary dishes won’t cling to your roller blinds due to the material, meaning your kitchen stays fresh with no lingering smells.

At Brixham Blinds, we’re proud to provide an extensive range of bespoke roller style window blinds Coventry. With a variety of colours and patterns available, there’s something for everyone. Our made to measure roller blinds are perfect for any size window and can go anywhere in your kitchen, fitting in seamlessly with your home interiors.

Vertical window blinds Coventry

Vertical blinds are extremely versatile, making an ideal addition to your kitchen. Vertical blinds are, like roller blinds, available in PVC and polyester materials. This means they have all of the same practical elements; easy to clean and don’t hold onto smells. Vertical blinds allow you to use the drawing mechanism to take control of your home’s light and privacy. Many people struggle to find blinds that will suit each window or even door shape in their kitchen. Bespoke vertical window blinds Coventry are ideal for small, large and bay windows as well as kitchen patio doors. These blinds are anything but bulky, meaning they won’t stand out or get in the way of everyday life, essential if your kitchen is the home of hustle and bustle. Available in a range of colours, there’s a vertical blind to suit every style.

Vertical blinds are a simple solution and at Brixham Blinds, we’re confident in our range of window blinds Coventry and offer every customer a 5-year guarantee on all of our bespoke blinds. Our team are committed to providing high quality fitted blinds that our customers are happy with. If there’s a problem with your blinds, we’re here to help.

Sophisticated roman blinds

For many homeowners, interior style is of utmost importance. It expresses who you are and allows you to feel truly at home in your surroundings. Kitchens can often become neglected when it comes to interior styling. The hard surfaces and lack of soft furnishings can make them a cold, unwelcoming place. Choosing roman blinds is a great way to soften up your kitchen interiors as well as add a sense of style and sophistication. Available in a range of fabrics and colours, roman blinds can help express your style. You could even coordinate the material and colour of your roman blinds with soft furnishings in your home to create a seamless interior theme.

Roman blinds are the pricier option in comparison to the practical roller and vertical options. This makes them a great choice for smaller windows, perfect if you want a low budget with a big impact. The location of roman blinds in your kitchen is important to consider. Roman blind material is not as splash resistant as PVC alternatives and can also be more flammable. We recommend placing roman blinds in kitchen windows that are away from areas of open flames, such as your kitchen hob, to keep your kitchen styling and safe.

At Brixham Blinds, we put safety first when it comes to fitting and supplying our customers with our wide range of window blinds Coventry. Our team will make sure to eliminate any sign of possible safety hazards when fitting your bespoke blinds. We also offer a range of solutions when it comes to blind safety, such as cleats to tie blind mechanism cords to the wall, keeping them out of reach of children.

Venetian window blinds Coventry

If you want bespoke window blinds that will help you achieve a modern, yet classic look in your kitchen, look no further than Venetian blinds. Venetian blinds are the perfect solution for light and privacy control in your home with an easy to use the mechanism allows you to angle the blinds’ slats. Venetian blinds are available in a range of materials, including aluminium. This is a popular choice for many as aluminium provides lightweight, hardwearing properties at an affordable price. This material is resistant to temperature fluctuations, something that is extremely common in kitchens. They look sleek and are easy to clean by simply wiping with a damp, clean cloth. Suitable to be placed anywhere in your kitchen, you won’t need to worry about any food or water splashes with these blinds next to your kitchen counter or sink.

Venetian blinds are also available in a faux wood-alternative material. This is ideal for those who want a rustic, classic country kitchen interior, without the hefty price tag. This material is designed to last long term. It’s almost identical to real wood, with more hardwearing properties, meaning you don’t have to compromise style for practicality. This waterproof Venetian blind style is designed to cope with steam and humidity, so there’s no need to worry about placing it net to your kitchen sink.

At Brixham blinds, as well as providing quality, lasting blinds for your home, we provide the service to match. We understand that every home is different, so all of our made to measure blinds are designed bespoke for your home. We promise to measure your blinds within seven days and install within 48 hours of measurement. There’s only one place to go when it comes to window blinds, Coventry. Contact us today for your free, no-obligation quote.