Made to measure blinds are a must

More often than not, there’s a lot more to choosing the perfect blinds then we realise. Whether you’re decorating a newly purchased home or you’re simply after a revamp, Brixham blinds based in Coventry can fit the perfect made to measure blinds.

Choosing these made to measure blinds shouldn’t just happen on a whim and there are a few things to consider before you go and purchase your bespoke blinds. Whether you like to cook or not, everyone loves to eat, get together and gather around the kitchen which is one of the most used spaces in our homes.


Kitchen blinds are a must or it would be curtains for everyone


Depending on where your windows are in your kitchen can determine the types of made to measure blinds you purchase. Take some time into looking around your kitchen and identify the plan and arrangement of that space. If your windows are close to your kitchen sink, you have to be mindful that they might get wet or damp from moisture which could lead to some unwanted water stains.


The last thing you want is to go to the effort in buying made to measure blinds and end up choosing the wrong ones; especially if your window is located near your cooker or an area where you will be preparing meals. Certain made to measure blinds will absorb smells and even worse, can absorb stains making it very hard to clean.


To combat this problem, you should purchase non-fabric blinds like Shutter blinds or Venetian blinds which are easy to clean as well as non-absorbent of smells.


If your kitchen has plenty of air and ventilation, you will have lots of fresh air flowing throughout your kitchen and dining space. Though you still have to be mindful of which made to measure blinds you go for, you will have some flexibility with the style and design.



Roller Blinds

Made to measure blinds come in all shapes, styles and sizes. However, Roller blinds are a very popular choice. They are not just easy to fit, they are available in virtually any colour, pattern and design. With our bespoke fitted blinds, you can get exactly what you are looking for. There are also different fabrics you can choose from which can also help control the level of light you want coming into your kitchen.


Vertical Blinds

Made to measure vertical blinds are a great addition to any kitchen or dining area. They’re not only lightweight, easy to fit and use, but they are also perfect in filtering how much light you want to enter your kitchen. Our made to measure vertical blinds are made of the lightest fabric layers which makes it hard for odours to absorb into the material. If you want your made to measure vertical blinds to look as good as new, you can easily unclip them, pop them into a pillowcase and clean them in the washing machine.


Roman Blinds

Made to measure Roman blinds can bring the beauty of a soft drapery look to your kitchen. These blinds can create an elegant look alongside adding more of a contemporary, relaxed feel for a more fashionable dining space. Like all of our made to measure blinds, we can help create your bespoke style which will be perfect for you and your home.

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