Perfectly paired bespoke window blinds

When it comes to bespoke window blinds, you want to ensure they are perfectly paired. But what does this mean? We’re on about perfectly paired with your room, perfectly paired with purpose and perfectly paired with your window structures.

In this article, we’re going to show you a few options of which bespoke window blinds are good options for several different situations in and around your home. Intrigued? Make sure you read on.

Perfectly fitted bespoke window blinds

Are there rooms or elements of your home that can be slightly hard or awkward to dress. For example, if you have glass doors in a conservatory that you want to be able to control the light on but you don’t want to inhibit the functionality or access of the doors. What do you do? The answer – intu blinds. These are great, no-drill bespoke fitted blinds that simply clip into place giving you a streamlined look that’s totally practical. We can provide these blinds in different styles including Pleated and Roller. Both of these styles are created with you in mind, eliminating all need for loop cords or chains. These are great in balancing light and heat so you can open your windows and doors whilst keeping your blinds down.

bespoke Intu Venetian Conservatory w

Want more of a cosy vibe? Curtains it is.

There may be bigger or more isolated rooms in your home that always seem like they are never warm – due to not enough sunlight or activity. There’s lots you can do to change this. Adding curtains with extra thick thermal layers can really add elegance and a cosy feel to any room. Better still, bespoke made curtains over a lined Roman blind will make you feel snug as a bug all year round.


White curtains with ring-top rail, Curtain interior decoration in living room

Perfectly dry bespoke window blinds

When it comes to kitchens and bathrooms, you need functionality as well bespoke window blinds that cater for a different environment like heat, moisture, spills and stains. Our bespoke window blinds can be tailored to whatever you need. Choosing options like Vertical blinds, Faux-Wood blinds, Roller blinds and shutters allows for easy to clean and non-absorbent materials to be used. This is especially ideal for rooms like your bathrooms and kitchens to ensure you don’t have to change your blinds regularly. Even better, you get to style them exactly how you prefer so you don’t have to compromise on design.

Brown wooden Shutter Blinds in living room

Perfectly controlled

Do you want blinds that help shut out the light when you’re trying to sleep or winding down? Our blackout bespoke window blinds or transition blinds allow you to combine two pleated blind types in one blind. The blackout blinds quite literally shut out all of the light. This means you can have better aided sleep and if you fancy a lay in – the morning sun won’t be getting in the way.