Protect your bespoke window blinds from condensation

We appreciate the time and money that is spent on bespoke window blinds and the last thing we want to see is your blinds getting ruined from condensation. It sounds silly to most, but condensation can be a problem all year round. Many people assume it’s just the Winter that condensation occurs but that’s not the care.

Leaving your bespoke window blinds closed all the time, especially in the Winter can lead to mould and mildew. If you leave your blind closed for an extended period of time, it can lead to wood rot, peeling paint and mould growing on your blinds. Take a look at our top tips below that will protect your bespoke window blinds from moisture all year long.

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What causes condensation on your bespoke window blinds?

Condensation occurs when warm air combines with a cold surface. During the colder months, the heated air from inside your home comes in contact with the glass that’s been chilled by the cool weather outside. However, it’s not just in Winter. You can get similar occurrences in your bathroom when it fogs up after a shower or in the kitchen when you’ve been cooking a lot.

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Top tips on protecting your blinds

Reduce humidity

You may think this is easier said than done, especially in spaces like your kitchen and bathrooms. If you have fans, make use of them. Open windows and your blinds for regular airflow especially in small rooms with tricky windows. If you want to stay on top of your bespoke window blinds thoroughly, you could even try a dehumidifier.

Check for leaks

If air can get it, so can moisture and more of then not, it won’t be noticeable to the naked eye. Foam weather stripping works best and usually has an adhesive side to make it easy to apply. But rubber and felt are also viable options. When you’re getting your bespoke window blinds fitted, it may be an ideal time to have a little look.

Prevent your bespoke window blinds from touching the glass

When you get your blinds fitted with Brixham blinds, we make sure that your bespoke window blinds are fitted correctly. If you’re fitting them yourself, installing insulating blinds can help create a barrier. But whatever you do, make sure your blinds are not touching the glass. This means checking you have enough depth for inside mounts. If you’re fitting blinds onto outside mounts, you can use spacer blocks or projection brackets. If you need more information on this, be sure to get in touch. We can talk you through this in more detail.

Choose A Moisture Resistant Window Covering

While not waterproof, faux wood blinds and shutter blinds are moisture-resistant and less likely to grow mould or warp when they come in contact with condensation. These are especially useful for kitchens and bathroom windows too. When caring for your bespoke window blinds, you’ll notice they’re also easy to wipe down too.

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Need Help Choosing a Blind for A Tricky Window?

Let us help! Our friendly Consultants can always help with your window questions, send you free samples or make recommendations. We also give a complete 5-year guarantee on all our bespoke blinds and a 7-day fitting promise. Meaning that we will build, deliver and fit your blinds within 7 days as well as having the measurements finished within 48 hours of your consultation.