Reasons why you should choose bespoke fitted curtains in Coventry

At Brixham blinds, we also offer bespoke fitted curtains in Coventry. Made to measure curtains offer benefits that are very useful, especially for non-standard sized windows and doors. In this article, we’re going to discuss how made to measure curtains can be the perfect addition to your home. Of course, it wouldn’t be natural for us if we didn’t show you the versatility of them so we’re also going to show you how they compliment bespoke fitted blinds too.

Bespoke fitted curtains in Coventry are value for money in the long run.

Bespoke fitted curtains in Coventry will be more expensive (not massively) as they require bespoke measurements, expert craftsmanship and precision and care. Naturally, you’re paying for what you get but as they are custom build, the need for them to be changed are little to none. Depending on the size of your curtains, if you opt for them to act as a statement piece, you can spend less on decorating and interior design.

You also receive bespoke curtains that are unique to you, your home and your style. In return, you get beautiful bespoke fitted curtains that are crafted with expertise.


White curtains with ring-top rail, Curtain interior decoration in living room

Unique curtain headings and poles

There is a wide range of curtain headings on offer. A curtain heading is the top part of your curtains that sit directly underneath the pole. From double pinch pleats, to eyelet drops, there is a huge array of options available that can be matched to your style and preference. The same can be said for bespoke fitted curtain poles. A well-made heading and pole can make a huge different to your interior and can definitely add a touch of style and elegance to your home. When you choose bespoke fitted curtains in Coventry, it’s good to bare this in mind so you know what options are on offer and what will suit your style.


Personalisation is key

Regardless of your style, you can have your bespoke fitted curtains in Coventry designed and fitted exactly how you want. You can have traditional, modern or a mix of both when you choose made to measure blings.
The key to traditional interior styles is intricate details and fashion pieces that are vintage but not out-dated. This can include heavier fabrics in bold, rich colours that can drape elegantly, pleated headings and classic yet unique fabric designs.
On the other hand, modern interior styles tend to focus on simplicity and minimalism. This doesn’t mean your curtains will be ‘boring’ or ‘simple’ in any shape or form. Bold prints, vibrant colours and designs that are in trend can be added. This is a good place to add different textures and prints.


Statement piece curtains in a bedroom


The ultimate goal is to get high-quality custom made curtains that work. It’s no use spending money on curtains that break easily, out-date or don’t work. Depending on the room you’re fitted your bespoke fitted curtains in will determine the functionality of them. If you’re looking for statement pieces, you have more choice with the types of fabrics available. If you’re looking to block out unwanted light, you can opt for thicker fabrics or liners that can aid this.

There are a number of linings available such as standard, blackout, interlining, thermal and acoustic.


Bespoke fitted curtains in Coventry - grey curtains in a pale living room

Pair your bespoke fitted curtains with blinds

If you can’t decide on whether curtains or bespoke blinds are for you – choose both. This combination is very stylish and ever-so elegant which means you have even more style and colour options to play with. Picking your style is crucial to the feel of your home and our brilliant range of fabrics and styles of curtains are available for every home, so if you want to look at any of our range get in touch and we will be happy to help.