Shutter Blinds – are they a worthy buy?

Traditionally, shutter blinds were used for intense summers so you may be wondering by people even think of having them if we don’t have proper summers in the UK. However, these shutter blinds are a versatile and stylish addition to any home or office.

With so many choices of shutters, colours, designs and styles it can be very confusing when choosing the right blinds. So we’re going to explore the worth of their investment and different styles available.

In trend or not?

The great news is that shutter blinds never go out of trend. The popularity of these elegant blinds grew back in 2015 and consumers are still buying shutters in ever-increasing numbers for windows across their homes and workplaces. To get more inspiration, there are always stunning interior designs featuring shutter blinds across social media and lifestyle magazines.

The latest revolution in shutters started back in 2015 and the trend is continuing right into 2017. Back in 2015, The Times stated in its article that Plantation shutters are the number one choice for Brits and sales are continually growing at a rate of 35%. People are continuing to buy shutters in ever-increasing numbers for every window in their home. Trendsetters continually inspire us with their stunning interior designs featuring shutters on their social media and lifestyle magazines.


White shutter blinds in an all white living area


Like the majority of other window dressings, shutter blinds are more than just a great addition to any room. They hold several benefits. Historically, shutter blinds were used for safety and protection purposes, however, as trends have moved on, they are now chosen and used for their aesthetic appeal and interior advantages.
The great news is – when you choose shutter blinds for your windows, they are a great choice all year round. In the colder months, they prevent heat loss whilst maintaining your privacy. In the hotter months, the moveable slats will allow you to control the amount of light and more importantly, the air that comes into your rooms. The summer months also bring insects that can be rather annoying. Don’t worry – shutters help to prevent them from entering your home.
To keep your room cool at night but also private and secure, you can keep your shutter panels closed but tilt your louvres. This is great for ground floor windows. Other advantages of shutter blinds are their durability, classic elegance and easy maintenance. If cared for correctly shutters can last you a lifetime, and they look great alongside both modern and traditional interiors.


Cream shutter blinds image

Shutter blinds for any room

The great thing about shutter blinds is that they look amazing on any sized windows. There are different styles you can choose from and whether you’re going for full height or half, you won’t regret choosing them. If you’re wondering which blinds are the best choice, we’ve got you covered. Full height shutters are especially ideal for rooms where privacy and light control are of the essence. Half-height shutters cover only the lower part of your window. These are perfect for natural light to enter the room whilst maintaining privacy.

Maintaining shutters are also very easy and simple. Treating your shutter blinds as you would any other piece of furniture is probably the best way moving forward. Use a soft and clean cloth to wipe down any dust or debris or careful use the brush tool on your vacuum. Avoid any abrasive cleaning and always check any fixing screws for rust and to ensure they haven’t become loose.


bespoke fitted blinds


If you have more questions or want a little more information about shutter blinds or any other blinds in our range, feel free to come and chat to one of our team.