Tips for choosing bespoke window blinds for your conservatory

Transform your conservatory with bespoke window blinds and make it a pleasure to live in throughout the year. Every home is different and when you have a variety of rooms such as orangeries, sunrooms and conservatories, they act as great rooms for socialising, hosting and to generally just spend time with your friends and family.

More often than not, you may use your conservatory for relaxation and to enjoys the view of your garden. These can often get overlooked during the winter and height of the summer as the temperatures make the room too uncomfortable. We offer a bespoke service, with made-to-measure blinds that will transform home throughout the year.

Your home transformed

Adding bespoke window blinds to the roof and windows of your conservatory can dramatically change the look and feel. Whereas before it may get far too cold in the winter and far too warm in the summer, we’ve got bespoke blinds and hundreds of designs that will help control the temperature to be comfortable whatever the weather. You will also get the added benefit of reduced glare, allowing you get on with those binge-watching series or reading from your tablet without having to battle off any glare coming from the sun or light.

Books, Coffee and Cookies with Piled Square Pillows at the Reading Corner Inside the House for Reading Time Concept with bespoke window blinds

The Neatest Possible Fit

Not all blinds are suitable in a conservatory. As sad as this is, you won’t be left without a choice. To get the best-looking blinds with the neatest possible fit, you need blinds that have been designed from the ground up to be used in sunrooms and conservatories. Our blinds are just that – exclusive blinds designed and made to measure which means you get the best fit.

Vase with white tree branches at the wall

Bespoke window blinds that fit your style

Most people will admit one of the most important parts of choosing interior fittings is its atmosphere. So when looking for blinds, it’s important to find blinds that keep that traditional feel but are in line with your individual style and look.
Brixham blinds range is an excellent blend of traditional styles with the latest in conservatory blinds technology.

Blinds window decoration interior of room - Vintage Filter
A Bespoke Service

Adding blinds doesn’t mean they have to look like a clumsy afterthought. If you’re interested in different requirements to fit your style then we can cater to that. Whether it’s motorised blinds or traditional mechanisms you’re after, we have everything you need. Our confidence in our product is so, that we give a complete 5-year guarantee on all our bespoke blinds and a 7-day fitting promise. Meaning that we will build, deliver and fit your blinds within 7 days as well as having the measurements finished within 48 hours of your consultation. Learn more about us or get in touch for a non-obligatory chat.