Top tips dressing window blinds for your kitchen

In most homes, the kitchen is the heart of the house and it is where most people spend a significant amount of time. Having window blinds that are dressed properly and with a purpose is a very easy and efficient way to create a welcoming environment and really enjoy the time that is spent there. If you dress your window blinds with thought and care initially, you will save money over time and will have long-lasting dressings that will compliment the interior of your home. Below, we summarise some good options for windows blinds in your kitchen and why they are a good match for your home.

Opt for window blinds that are not heavy in fabric

There is many reasons why window blinds that are light in weight and material is a true benefit for the function and style of your kitchen. Even though a beautiful pair of lined curtains or heavy pleated window blinds are a thing of luxury, they are not the best choice for your kitchen space. Heavy and thick materials can retain the smells of cooking. However, with a lightweight and breathable material, smells are less likely to linger on material and odours are less likely to stick around. This can also help to avoid discolouring.

Birght modern kitchen with roman blinds. Window blinds Coventry.

Splash-proof always wins

If you’re a passionate cook (or a messy one) , splash-proof window blinds will soon become your best friends. PVC vertical blinds are such a good choice for those saucy dishes. If you windows are situated about the sick, it’s even better as a lot of water can affect your blinds. By choosing easy to clean blinds, you can decrease the chance of mould from occurring too.

Window blinds Coventry. yellow vertical blinds on kitchen window and patio doors.

Choose practical alternatives

If you love the look of real wood or would like to add a little bit of nature to your kitchen, faux wood blinds or slatted venetian window blinds could be a great option for you. These are very practical choices and repel water so you won’t have to deal with steamy conditions or condensation. You also have the choice of different colours and grains so you can get the exact look and style you desire.

Choose window blinds with storage in mind

If you have a kitchen where your window shelves are always in use, it’s good to bare in mind that storage could be an issue with the wrong choice. If you need a window blind for functionality and one that doesn’t take up too much room, a simple roller blind is a great addition. They are vey stylish and offer a subtle yet elegant touch to your home. They are also the most flush option when it comes to blinds which means you can still use your window shelves for plants, pots, pans and all the other wonder kitchen gadgets you may have.

Window blinds Coventry. White roller blind sin modern kitchen dining room.

Window blinds also can be tailored to your needs when it comes to privacy, light control and colour preferences. They don’t have to be an eye-sore and by selecting high quality and long-lasting blinds, you won’t have to change them regularly.