Warm and cosy interiors with window blinds

With the different seasons we have in the UK, sometimes, all we want is to wrap up under a blanket and have a cosy night in. It’s amazing what difference window blinds can make to the ambience in your rooms and at home. It really can make all the difference – no matter what the weather is like outside. In this article, we’re going to delve into the world of window blinds and what effect different types of blinds can make.

Choose window blinds with cosy textures

Sometimes, when it comes to window blinds, it all comes down to the types of textures you choose. Depending on what you go for then determines the type of blind. For example, choosing textures like velvet makes for a luxurious and warm addition to your home. It’s a great choice for bedrooms and lounges; rooms where you can snuggle up. If you’re looking for more of a feature with your window blinds, then bold and rich textures are a must; most definitely a great way of adding a cosy feel. If you’re after the ultimate cosy feel, opt for curtains which will make your rooms feel even more secluded and sanctuary like.

Curtain interior decoration in living room with sunlight

Roman window blinds can soften a space

If you’ve got rooms in your home that have a lot of glass, it will naturally look and feel a lot more cooler and chilly. Roman blinds are soft yet elegant additions that also keep the warmth in and softens the space. If you opt for soft colours too, it will really help build more of a warmer ambience in the room. When you opt for made to measure blinds, you won’t have to worry about any light or cold seeping through and with roman window blinds, they can be easily adjusted and lowered to your preferred height.

Coral roman blinds in living room

Adding layers is a good thing

Sometimes, the perception around layers when it comes to window blinds and window spaces is often overlooked and under appreciated. For example, shutter blinds or wooden blinds are great for privacy, style and light control, but if you want more cosy interior design and feel, considering layering curtains over your blinds. This helps bring texture and softness to you space to make it really welcoming. It’s also good for functionality and being able to pick and choose which elements are for privacy, light control and style. And finally, curtains come with the option of thermal linings, so offer a really practical and stylish insulating layer.

White shutter blinds in a white living room

Roller blinds for the win

If you’re after window blinds that offer more of a subtle addition to your home and inside your rooms, roller blinds can come in a huge range of colours and sit flush over your windows so they are not as prominent. They offer more of a cleaner finish and with the right tones, can be very warming and inviting. They, like all window blinds, can be lowered to your preferred height for temperature and light control.

Whatever you choose, you have the option to personalise them and choose and style and design that really suits you, your preference and home. Window blinds can be adapted to suit your needs and requirements. Find out more today!