Window Blinds Ideas 2019

Inspiring window blinds ideas for your home for 2019.

When it comes to the finishing touches in your house, your window blinds can either make or break a room. If you’re looking to make an investment to last for years, we’re going to give you some inspiration to choose the best types of window blinds for any room. From modern window blinds to window blinds that are a little more traditional, discover endless ideas to inspire you.

Contrast Colours

Like everything, it all comes down to personal taste and preference. The latest trends are all about bold statements and making your accessories stand out. For a modern take on window blinds, contrasting colours work together to create a more distinctive and eye-catching look. Pair contrasting blinds with modern and minimal fittings for a clean and polished look. By incorporating blinds that are completely different from the colour of your walls can make even the subtlest of blinds a prominent feature in any room.

Red venetian blinds


Window Decals

If you’re looking to spruce up your home, you may want to consider a stylish yet elegant alternative to traditional window treatments. Window Decals can offer privacy and conceal the interior of your home whilst making a beautiful statement. They are also less expensive than regular drapes or curtains and can be covered fully and halfway with simple and airy roman blinds. These types of window treatments are guaranteed to get you bespoke blinds that no-one around you has.

Eclectic & Bold

A vibrant and bright print can elevate any room or window. If you opt for bold or vividly printed window blinds. These prints work well in minimal spaces as they can bring character and play to even the smallest of spaces. The great thing with this is that you can even take your pick of blinds from Roman and Roller or even opt for curtains.

Printed curtain and roller blind combo


Floor to ceiling

Whilst we’re on the topic of curtains, floor to ceiling curtains are great to add instant drama and flare to any room. You can choose rich and bold block colours to heighten everyday glamour and enhance your lavish lifestyle. They have timeless appeal and can even make the smallest corners appear larger. If you’re looking for a more modern look but like the idea of floor-to-ceiling, the great news is that you’re not just limited to curtains. You can choose vertical blinds to create an airy look and these work especially well in larger areas like conservatories.


Long red vertical blinds

Shutter blinds

Shutter blinds are a personal favourite due to their practicality, style and elegance. They add a graphic feature to your home yet give you privacy. They allow natural light to filter through but block out enough to ensure your home can stay cool during hot days. They are very easy to use and can be subtle when paired with bold and bright interior design accessories. If you’re looking for a modern style with a vintage look, go for dark wood shutters. They make the perfect addition and bold statement pieces. The best thing about them is that they are well-made and never go out of style; truly a lifetime addition to your home.

White Shutter blinds in a white living room with neutral pieces of furniture

Double up

Though this is one of the more expensive routes, there is something very luxurious and decadent about having rows of multiple curtains and blinds combined as layers for your window treatments. When one layer is simply not enough – you can choose between contrasting or complementing curtains and blinds for dramatic yet subtle impact. This is a great idea for a bedroom in particular whereby you can add your personality through your window coverings.

These are just a few ideas to inspire you in 2019. Trends are always changing and we have blinds or curtain to match those, whatever you’re looking for. If you don’t know where to start or need a little more inspiration, get in touch today.