Awkward Spaces

Its always exciting to redecorate your house, especially if its your dream house with the perfect living room with your ideal bay window. but sometimes its hard to find the perfect blind for those windows, not any more!

Because all of our ranges are made as bespoke fitted blinds, we can help you our when it comes to your dream home! Not all homes are uniform some have awkward sized windows, but worry no more that cute little window or the huge bay window with a seat is no longer an issue. Brixham Blinds guarantee that your perfect blinds can be fitted in seven days, and it only taking 48 hours for us to measure up your windows!

Great Things in Small Places?

Finding the perfect set of blinds can be difficult but with a little help, it can become a little easier. Now no matter what window it is what size the window may be we can fit it for a blind, so don’t worry about that, the next question is what style should you go for? For small square windows its suggested that a roller blinds will be most efficient, but when it comes to huge bay windows what do we suggest? Shutter Blinds, thats right a classic elegant set of shutter blinds can really add character to any room. Now the last situation is what about the longer thin windows like in the bathroom or in a modern living room? well that is where a great set of venetian blinds comes in handy, these practical yet sleek blinds work well as you are in full control with them.


Stop At Nothing

We offer all of our blinds as made to measure, including Roman Blinds, Venetian Blinds and Vertical Blinds for us this is extremely important, as we will stop at nothing until every home has their perfect set of blinds sitting perfectly in their windows. For more information about our ranges of blinds or if you have questions please contact us on 02576 666 686 or email us on