Bespoke Blinds In Coventry

We are proud to tell you that everything we do, we do it for you! We know it’s cheesy but its true, that is why we are leading bespoke blinds in Coventry. Our entire range is made to measure and fitted within one week! Now if that doesn’t sell it to you then just keep reading.


You want the truth? You cant handle the truth…. we are going to tell you anyway. Every single set of bespoke blinds we make is made to your specifications From Roller Blinds to Roman Blind and From Venetian Blinds to Vertical Blinds to name but a few, well we best not leave out Shutter Blinds. Don’t even mention our new ranges of Intu Blinds and Curtains, fine we will mention them, Compact and lightweight, Intu blinds are perfect for subtle impact but huge control over light and privacy. Fancy something a little more? Well now we’re talking curtains, these made to measure high-quality curtains come in a huge range of different patterns, styles and designs, so you are guaranteed to find something you’ll love.

We also make offers you can’t refuse, like our set of vertical blinds including blackout for seven windows for only £250!! Now we know frankly, my dears, you give a damn. These blinds are available in a great range of colours and designs, so you can feel like there no place like home.


To get more information or book your free quote contact us on 02476 666 686 or email us at We hope we have gone ahead and made your day.