Bespoke Blinds Coventry

Oooooooo, it’s almost the new year and we are so excited about everything we have in store. With our new ranges coming out at the end of 2017 we can’t wait for you guys to jump on board and take advantage of all of our services new and old.

We have always stuck to our promise of bespoke fitted blinds, but we want you to know everything we offer including our new ranges and what they consist of.

1. Five Year guarantee

That’s right we are kicking off this post with one of our most brilliant services. With every set of bespoke blinds you buy, we add on a five-year guarantee no matter what. No matter how big or small and no matter what style you will always have a 5-year guarantee with Brixham Blinds.

2. 7 Day Installation

BOOM! Within a working week, you can have the blinds of your dreams, made to measure and installed in your home, Whatever style or design installed for you by professionals at no extra cost! This is a great step in exceptional service (we always pride our selves on our service) or we can organise a date to suit you.

3. Curtains

WOW! brixham blinds making high-quality made to measure Curtains? That is right folks, we have smashed the market with our brilliant ranges of bespoke curtains. Whatever length and width we craft the perfect pair for you and your home. We have a fantastic range of ultra high-quality fabrics for our curtains. get yours now before Christmas or booked for the new year!

4. Fabric Match

This is one of our favourite services to come from the new ranges of curtains. Fabric Match is the brilliant service where we create, for your home, matching cushions and roman blinds so the colour scheme can be kept and so you don’t have to search the globe for matching furnishings. We love the Fabric Match and we are sure you will too.


Have you got small spaces where normal blinds seem too bulky? Intu Blinds are the perfect set of compact blinds for places like conservatories or bathrooms because they fit perfectly into the frame of the window and take up next to no room. With a range of different styles Intu Work with all homes, order yours today and sit back relax and enjoy your future of compact blinds.

Well wasn’t that exciting? New and old coming together to form a brilliant bespoke service for all homes. For more information contact us on 02476 666 686 or email us on We can’t wait to hear from you and help you on your way to finding the perfect set of blinds or curtains.