Dressing your bay window with bespoke window blinds

Bay windows are a classic victorian feature that helps make a stunning statement and add a real talking point into any home. If you’re lucky enough to have a bay window in your home, you may find it difficult when it comes to dressing your window bay. This is often down to the fact that bay windows come in many different forms; angled, multi-faceted, round, or bow-shaped. The only way to truly give bay windows the dressing they deserve is with bespoke window blinds and fittings. Ill-fitting blinds or curtains could ruin the feature and it’s dramatic effect altogether. There is a range of bespoke window blinds that will give your bay window the attention it deserves and with Brixham Blinds, you’ll find the fitted blinds perfect for your home in our extensive range.

Why do bay windows need bespoke window blinds?

Before we run through the types of blinds that are perfect for bay windows, it’s important to know why it is vital you invest in custom-fit blinds for any bay window. There’s nothing that can ruin a room’s aesthetic appeal quite like ill-fitting blinds, this is especially true for bay windows due to their unique shape and design. Bespoke window blinds will keep your bay window looking neat and tidy, making the most of the outward space that the windows create. Blinds that don’t fit can completely ruin the space-creating and light-providing factors that come with bay windows, as well as de-value the classic feature. Making sure your bay window blinds are made to measure and fitted by a professional is essential to avoid this. At Brixham Blinds, we pride ourselves in providing made to measure blinds in a range of designer styles. Just ask for a free, no-obligation quote to find the perfect bespoke blinds for your bay window.

Space-saving blinds

Creating space in the home is something everyone wants to do. If you’re blessed with bay window features in your home, you’re already halfway there. Bay windows stand out (literally) from your home, creating more space in the room in comparison to flat windows. Choosing the right blind for your bay window is vital to utilise the space they create, rather than detract from it.

Roller blinds are often the most popular choice of blind. They’re smooth, neat and tidy and can be fitted to just about any window, no matter what it’s shape or size. This makes them perfect for bay windows. These bespoke window blinds can be fitted to each individual angled pane of your bay window, giving your room a sleek and fitted finish. Running parallel to your window, these blinds will ensure that the space created by your bay window is maximised. At Brixham Blinds, we offer roller blinds in a range of colours and patterns, so there’s something for everyone – and every room.

Another style of blinds that can help maximise the space in your home is vertical blinds. Not only will these bespoke window blinds help maximise space but their vertical nature will also elongate any room. This is ideal for any room with floor to ceiling bay windows, or for anyone that wants to create the illusion of a taller ceiling. These blinds offer a modern look with their smooth lines. Vertical blinds are extremely practical, requiring little maintenance and are easy to wipe clean. This is an ideal choice for fitting to the bay windows in a family home. At Brixham Blinds, we offer a range of vertical blinds that look great in any room. Available in a variety of colours and designs to suit your style.

Adding character to your bay windows

There’s no denying that bay windows add character to any home, creating a real focal point in the room. With windows that make a statement, it would be a shame to dress them with blinds that detract from this. Bespoke window blinds should accentuate your bay window to encourage maximum impact and effect.

Shutter blinds are perfect for creating a dramatic statement that emphasises your bay window. Made up of horizontal slats fitted within an internal shutter, they are often wooden and will add an element of rustic charm to your home. Shutter blinds bring together a classic and modern living, the perfect accessory to your victorian bay window. Not only are shutter blinds unique and dramatic, but they are also extremely durable due to their robust design. These bespoke window blinds are built to last and will add elegance and class to any room. Because of this, they do come with a price tag higher than than the likes of any vertical or roller style blinds. At Brixham Blinds, our experts are here to help you find the perfect bespoke window blinds for your home. Our free, no-obligation quotes mean you can asses which blind style will work best for you and your bay window.

Let there be light with bespoke window blinds

Maximising the light in your home is easy when you’re blessed with bay window features. Their outward design, large surface and are and angled windows help to draw natural light into the room. With windows allowing this much light in, it would be a shame to ruin it with ill-fitted blinds. Bespoke window blinds that are fitted to suit your bay window will help encourage floods of natural light in your home, rather than detract from it. Unlike curtains, bespoke window blinds can be raised completely or even altered to create your perfect home lighting.

Roman blinds are a lightweight addition to any room, ideal for letting natural light into your home. Their delicate material is elegant and precise in the finish, perfect for dressing your bay window. Roman blinds are versatile in their design as they can be raised completely to let in maximum light and expose your bay window feature completely. They can also be partially raised, with their delicate fabric altering into neat folds. Roman blinds are also ideal for those wanting to coordinate their bespoke window blinds with their room’s soft furnishing such as sofas and cushions. At Brixham Blinds, this is all possible by selecting from our range of colours and patterns.

If you want complete control over the light coming in from your bay window, then Venetian blinds could be the one for you. Like roman blinds, Venetian blinds can be raised completely to let in maximum light. However, this is not always necessary due to their horizontal slatted design. The slats can be altered easily, allowing you to not only control how much light enters the room from your bay window, but also at what angle it does. Venetian blinds also allow you to control your home’s privacy by angling the slats so no one can see in, whilst still letting in that precious natural light. Venetian blinds are available in hard-wearing solid wood or a plastic wood imitation from Brixham Blinds, so there’s a design to suit any style or budget.

Finding the perfect bespoke window blinds for your bay style windows is essential to help your home excel. At Brixham Blinds, we’re committed to providing bespoke fitted blinds that are perfect for you and your home. Contact us today for a free quote.