Bespoke window blinds with global trends

Just as we like to eat ‘around the world’ with a variety of cuisines, we are now looking to introduce global interiors into our homes and with bespoke window blinds, it’s now achievable in its simplest from. Global interiors in Coventry and the UK are becoming more and more popular as they celebrate colours, patterns and textures from around the world. With Covid-19 still in full force and travelling as a minimum, there’s always a way to bring world home.

Ready to transform your space with a global look and feel? Take a look at the different global styles below and don’t be afraid to mix and match your bespoke window blings for more of an exciting look across your home.


Patterned bespoke window blinds

For Scandinavian or Nordic vibes, consider plain bespoke window blinds with very subtle prints – even more so in pastel and cool shades. You can opt for darker colours to for more of a statement piece to add to your room or space. If you’re looking to pair accessories with it, then natural wood items are a must, along with maintaining that fresh, bright feeling like Danish, Norwegian and Finnish homes.



If you’re looking for more bolder bespoke window blinds, opting for an Italian style may be the best option for you. Grand fabrics and rich, bold colours can transform your space and can be paired with gorgeous accessories too.
If you want to go one step further, look for velvet and baroque patterns to really give your rooms a touch of elegance. These types of patterns and fabrics are timeless which means they will never go out of trend.
Metallics will also create an Italian palatial feeling, along with terrazzo, tiles and terracotta. For more rustic Tuscan vibes, choose plain linen blinds.




Embrace African styles on your bespoken window blinds with saturated and sunny shades of orange, yellow, red and tan. Animal prints and geometrics patterns are also popular choices when creating an African inspired ambiance; creating eye-catching statements. Depending on which prints you go for, you can opt for more vibrant patterns for smaller windows and less eye-catching for bigger windows in your home.
Natural and botanical
If you choose an eclectic mix of tropical and botanical printed bespoke window blinds, you will naturally bring abit of the outside world, in. Vibrant greens and blues with leafy tones inject a little excitement into your design with quirky touches, such as golden pineapples and fun animal prints. For an authentic and natural look and feel, choose intricate geometrics and animal designs paired with tropical themes.

Do you need some inspiration?

Sometimes, you may not know what you’re after. At Brixham blinds, we can cater for whatever you want. After all, your bespoke window blinds are exactly that, yours. Don’t compromise on design or style – call us today to talk through your requirements in details. If you need a steer in the right direction when it comes to designs and looks, we’re on hand for that too.