The best types of bespoke window blinds for your bedroom

Choosing bespoke window blinds for your bedroom can be a hassle if you don’t know where to start or what to look for. You might be tempted to avoid using any sort of window treatment but unless you live in an extremely remote location where privacy isn’t an issue and you don’t mind the early morning Sun, then you may want to consider bespoke window blinds for your bedroom.

A small introduction into the world of bespoke window blinds

Bespoke window blinds are more than just a window treatment that has the sole function of operating for privacy purposes. Of course, functionality is the most important factor when considering what types of blinds fit your bedroom. However, it isn’t the only factor that is important. Window coverings and treatments are a great and easy way to invite some style and design into your home. It’s your chance to really get creative when it comes to adding some personality and preference.

There are a number of bespoke window blinds that are available and ones that can suit every bedroom and window style. The main functionality of such blinds are for light control and privacy, however, there are a number of ranges that can contribute to temperature control as well. Without breaking your budget, you can find exactly what you’re looking for that will be the perfect fit for your home. The best thing about them is that you can also pair any aesthetic or interior design to compliment your blinds perfectly.

Below are different types of bespoke window blinds to get you inspired when it comes to decorating your bedroom.

Bespoke window blinds for bedroom

Roller blinds – simple but beautiful

Roller blinds are the most simplest form of blinds that can be used on windows but that doesn’t mean they are any less beautiful. More often than not they are plain and can come in block or patterned colours to suit your style. They fit inside your window casement and traditionally operate by a pulley-cord system that will roll the shade up and down. These are subtle but efficient additions to bedrooms and the easiest types of bespoke window blinds to match ornaments and decorations with, especially for window shelves.

Man's hand is puting a roller blind to a window.

Elite bespoke window blinds – Roman blinds

Roman blinds offer more flare with pleated folds when they rise. They are still flush and hang down flat, but they offer a more unique style and a hint of personality for your bedroom. They are typically heavier in nature as they require heavier fabrics to achieve the distinct pleats, however, this isn’t something to be concerned about. They come in an array of fabrics and colours and you can match them to any style you wish.

The best of both worlds

For your bedroom, it’s always to go for an ambience of warmth and serenity. Whilst there are ways to add pops of elegance like opting for Shutter blinds, the ultimate way to create warmth can be through having a combination of blinds and curtains. This offers layers of depth and doesn’t require as much decorating or interior design to create a sense of style. This is also great for light and privacy control without having to completely shut yourself away. A popular choice is to opt for lighter bespoke window blinds, like a sheer roman or roller blind or even net pleated blinds and have your curtains as more of a statement piece. This will really allow your windows to be centre of attention but won’t be overbearing.

Bedrooms Baroque style, 3d images with curtains and bespoke window blinds

Bespoke window blinds for everyone

The blinds mentioned for window treatments are not limited to the above. There are a number of blinds you can choose from and depending on the functionality of your room, you can explore other ranges like shutter blinds or venetian blinds. There is no right blinds for any room, especially if you choose your own colours or patterns, but whatever blinds you choose will most definitely be right.