The big debate on blinds – Roller blinds v Roman blinds

With a number of bespoke blinds available, the most common that people have to choose from are Roller blinds and Roman blinds. Whether you’re spending this lockdown decorating your home, new or old, or just fancy a change, furniture and window dressings are the biggest decisions you will come across. This is because they offer such a big attraction to any room or bathroom and with having loads of colours, designs and styles on offer – the biggest question you may have is which blinds to go for.

In this article, we’re going to compare Roller blinds and Roman blinds as they are similar in style but offer a difference of look and functionality.


Roller blinds are low maintenance

Roller blinds can be used as subtle but effective additions to any room, office or space. They can make any room feel warm and inviting depending on the colour you should. They most definitely act as another layer of texture and if you opt for subtle colours, it’s almost like having wallpaper on your windows. You don’t have to customise them to be able to fit into your windows and spaces apart from bespoke measurements. If you want more of a subtle addition, roman blinds are low maintenance and fit in discreetly.


Roller blinds are timeless

As trends and designs change, the one will that will never go out of fashion are Roller blinds. They are pretty much timeless and if you opt for neutral colours, you can pretty much change everything around them and they will still fit your style and interior. They are good for light control to and with a simple pull mechanism, you can choose how high or low you want to draw the blinds. They also offer more of a flush look to your windows which mean they won’t draw your eye to them too much. This is especially good if you have a small room or window that you want to dress but not go over the top with.


Roman blinds bring the drama

Roman blinds are good as acting as main but subtle features. These are good if for when drapes are no feasible, especially for smaller windows or spaces. They can create a bold, statement piece that don’t overwhelm the room. They also offer overlapping folds in the material when they are drawn up to offer an elegant fold to create a serene look. If you want to add more drama, you can opt for more vibrant, bold prints that will add some fun into your room. This results in a layered look for your room and really need to dress your interior design with.

Roman blinds are bespoke to you

Roman blinds have to be bespokely made which means you can add as much personality, style and preference into them. What you want your roman blinds to be, they can be that. In terms of looks, Roman blinds can go with just about anything, but they are also versatile. Roman blinds are also energy efficient because they are perfect for when you want to let heat in and out. If you choose the right ones, you can have simple and stylish window treatments perfect for all seasons.

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