Buyer’s guide to bespoke window blinds

Are you the hunt for the best bespoke window blinds for your space? Use this buyers guide full of expert advice to find the right way to dress your windows.

Everyone has their own style so sometimes and more often than not, the trickiest aspect of choosing blinds. However, whatever look you want to achieve with window treatments, a bespoke blind will most definitely enhance your room or space. Most bespoke window blinds are versatile enough to work in any room, given that they are neat and well fitted, however, there are many aspects to consider and even though there is no right and wrong, there are preferred blinds for certain rooms.

Before you buy your bespoke window blinds

  • When selecting blinds, think about practicality. Each room in your home will serve a different purpose so the blinds will need to as well. If you need light filtering blinds or are going for more of an aesthetic look, bespoke window blinds can cater for them off.
  • Decided whether the blinds will be fitted within or outside the window recess. This will determine the types of bespoke blinds you will go for and is very important to determine any overlaps in measurements that may be needed at the sides and the bottoms.
  • Bespoke window blinds can be motorised and controlled remotely by a wall switch or via a smartphone or tablet using an app. If this is something you want, then this can also affect which blinds you can choose.

Buy the best Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are very stylish, simple and they come in a huge range of colours and patterns with shading options ranging from sheer right through to blackout. They are very cost-effective and bespoke measurements eliminates the need for trimming down.
If you’re torn and don’t want sheer or complete blackout, for flexibility too, you can opt for a double-blind with sheer fabric behind the blackout roller blind. This means you get the best of both worlds during the day and of an evening.
There are ever water-resistant PVC blinds for a bathroom and thermal blinds for a chilly bedroom… the options are endless.

Printed Roller Blinds in kitchen area

Opt for versatile Venetian bespoke window blinds

Venetian blinds are great for south-facing or overlook rooms in your home. You can also control both light and privacy with them by simply tilting the slats meaning you don’t have to compromise.

Wooden Venetian blinds have a back-to-nature beauty that’s hard to beat. You’ll find natural, stained and painted finishes – and even different real wood and faux wood Venetian blinds. Aluminium blinds come with super-slim slats for a minimalist look and have the advantage of not absorbing moisture so they’re a good choice for your bathrooms and even kitchens depending on the vibe you’re looking for.

Silver long venetian blinds in a dining area

Roman blinds are a winner all year round.

Whether you’re after a relaxed, coastal look or a more formal effect, Roman blinds are the perfect choice for bedrooms, lounges and offices. Cord mechanisms at the back draw them up into large, soft pleats, bringing a luxurious and calming vibe to a room. Roman blinds are often lined so it improves the way the pleats fall but for extra cosiness- you can opt for an inner lining to help minimise those cold draughts.

made to measure kitchen roman blinds


Invest in Vertical Blinds

With bespoke window blinds, no matter how wide the window is, a vertical blind can be made up to fit, and they can be designed to fit sloping windows, too.
Vertical blinds are made up of individual slats that are connected and joined at the bottom by chains, vertical blinds pivot open or closed, or can be drawn right back. You always have the option of stacking in the middle, left or to the right. These are particularly good for conservatives or larger windows!

Loft Apartment_Senses_Vertical_Palette_Blue
Shutter blinds never go out of style

For a touch of class- bespoke shutter blinds should be a top choice to consider. Our handmade bespoke shutter blinds are the perfect mix of classic and modern living. They are a great way to add a feature to any room

White shutter blinds in a white living room
More bespoke window blinds options

Even though we’re the experts in blinds, I mean, the clue is in the name, Brixham blinds – we do also offer made to measure curtains. We can’t deny that classic and elegant style that curtains can bring but our favourite combination includes both blinds and curtains. We also offer a fabric match service where we can make cushion covers to your curtains – for the ultimate décor.

Woman interior designer, works with samples of fabrics for curtains and blinds. Business - textile industry.

Safety over everything

All of the bespoke blinds adhere to safety regulations and legislation to ensure safety for individuals but especially children. We offer compact and subtle ways for your bespoke window blinds to be safe. Your design doesn’t have to be compromised. For more information, click here.

A guaranteed high-quality service

Our confidence in our product is so, that we give a complete 5-year guarantee on all our bespoke blinds and a 7-day fitting promise. Meaning that we will build, deliver and fit your blinds within 7 days as well as having the measurements finished within 48 hours of your consultation.