Choosing Blinds That Suit You

There are many things to consider when choosing the right set of blinds and it is difficult to think when you have so much to consider, but hopefully we can help you by suggesting some things to take in to consideration when trying to choose.


When choosing your perfect set of blinds there are a few things we suggest considering over everything else. Whats written next is there as a simple suggestion for you to make sure you select the blinds that are perfect for you and your home.


Room Dependant

Looking through rails and pages of blinds may come across as very over whelming and could lead you to giving up but the first thing we suggest thinking about is which room you are looking at fitting them in, and what the decor of the room is like. An easy example to give is if it is a child’s bedroom, then a good start is one of our high quality blackout roller blinds, so your little ones can get a good nights sleep ready to wreak havoc the next morning. Where as in the kitchen you wouldn’t need a black out blind but instead something light and easy to control like Venetian Blinds. These let you control the amount of light getting in to the room and are easy to clean.



Light dependant

This flows nicely in to the next suggestion, light dependency. The style of blind really needs to correlate with the amount of light needed to be controlled in the room. An example would be the bed room, this really could be a place where the magic happens, and by that i mean the right blind can transform a bedroom from day to night, keeping the room bright during the day allowing the room to feel fresh, but at night constricting the light so there are no rude awakenings by an early sunrise. a great selection for this would be Roman Blinds, stylish and useful, a roman blind can restrict light as you lower the blind at night or raise it in the morning.



Decor Dependant

From room to room decor changes so why should blinds stay the same? Every room has its own character and its own style as does each blind, so wether you have decided on a style but cant choose a colour or vice versa, this is something to consider. An example would be a child’s room, regardless of the fact that all blinds we sell follow the safety guidlines and are all able to come with extra safety feature to prevent injury, a childs room should have blinds that reflect the personality of the room. The colour can match we have a great variety of colour but when it comes to style Roller Blinds are often the number one choice as they are simple and easily match the rooms decor.




These were just a few ideas to get you started, if you have any more questions or would like to know more about our range of Bespoke Fitted Blinds, you can contact us on 02476 666 686 or email us at