How to clean your made to measure blinds

When choosing the perfect made to measure blinds or curtains, we spend a lot of time finding the best window coverings for your home, office, or store. There are many things you need to consider when choosing bespoke blinds, from the type of blind, style, size and design. But, sometimes, we often overlook how to clean blinds and curtains.

As with your other furnishings, it’s important to keep blinds and curtains clean so that they carry on looking their best for many years. So we’ve put this together so you can make the most of the simplest, more effective hints for cleaning and maintaining the made to measure blinds or curtains you love.


Cleaning your Venetian blinds

Made to measure Venetian blinds are a great addition for any room, home or office as you are in control and can vary the amount of light coming in and out of a room. Not only this, but this is great for control privacy as well. However, this great design leaves room for a lot of dust to collect on the individual slats. That’s not a problem however if you know how to clean them properly.

We would recommend getting the vacuum cleaner on your blinds, using a soft brush nozzle to help remove mass amounts of dust. If you’ve got an advanced hoover, some are often accessorised with specialised brushes for blinds so it’s always best to check.

If like many, you have a chunky hoover, then hoovering slats that are positioned quite high, then you may want to opt for a feather duster or cloth. Your made to measure blinds are tailored to your exact needs and cleaning them doesn’t have to be any different. When your Venetian blinds are open, you can quickly dust between each slat with a cloth easily. Or, if you’re having a bit of a lazy day (Don’t worry, we all have them) then you can give the blinds a quick once over when they are closed; making for a quick and easy clean.

On the contrary, if you’ve had your Weetabix and are feeling brave, you can take the blinds down and give them a thorough wash. We would always recommend limiting the amount of washing for wooden slats as exposure to water over time could damage them. Don’t leave your slats to soak in water and wipe them clean with a dry towel and your blind will look as new as ever.


How to clean Roller blinds

The beauty of Roller blinds is that they rarely get dirty. Roller blinds are usually rolled up during the day and can avoid marks and staining. However, a good vacuum can get rid of any dust that hasn’t been dispersed when unrolling the blinds. If you want to give them a good once over, a damp cloth can make your made to measure blinds gleam. Be sure to absorb as much moisture as possible using a towel and if you can, leave your roller blinds out to dry vertically before rolling them up again.



Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are best cleaned when they are dusted with a microfibre cloth or static dusting brush, to pick up and remove any surface dust. The good thing about made to measure vertical blinds is that most of the dust will naturally fall due to the hanging blinds. However, a quick clean is enough to stop dust building up or working its way into the fabric. If the slats have been soiled in any way, you can take them down and wash them by hand.

The lightweight and subtle design of vertical blinds mean that the slats should never be folded due to their delicacy. You should handle the cleaning process very gently and roll the slats as you need, but try to fit them into the bathtub a straight as possible making sure you do not fold tightly or crease in any way.

If you want to wash your Vertical blinds, make sure you use only cold or luke-warm water. Using a small amount of water, dampen the slats and clean gently with a soft cloth to remove stains. If you’ve got a stubborn stain and two kids who are pointing the finger at each other, don’t worry, we can help with that too. You can use a non-abrasive soap but don’t use strong chemicals or bleach as this can lead to fading or affect the colour of your made to measure blinds.


Top cleaning tips for your made to measure blinds

If you are uncertain as to how to clean your blinds, the safest choice is to call us. However, if you’re going down the traditional wash and clean method, gently wash your blinds with cool water, using a mild detergent if required. A shower can also be used to rinse the curtains down.

Whether you hand-wash your blinds or wipe them down, you should re-hang them whilst they are still a bit damp. This helps eliminate unnecessary creases during drying and your made to measure blinds will look as good as ever.