Dare to go bare? Barely there blinds are all the craze

Barely there blinds are very in trend due to their light and airy nature. If you love the feel of light and airy spaces, natural styling and neutral colours for blinds really give your home or space a breath of fresh air. With a number of ways to achieve neutral and subtle undertones throughout your home and space, we’ve put a short handy guide together of the types of blinds you could use to help achieve your desired style.

Natural forms – natural blinds

Many people seek comfort in their homes by bringing the outside, in. Being close to nature can really boost mental health, well-being and mood. Not only is it good for us, it can really make the aesthetic of your home truly beautiful. Seeing a rise in natural forms, we’ve seen a rise in authentic materials that are used as inspiration when it comes to choosing blinds. The most popular choices for these are wooden slatted blinds, faux wood blinds and shutter blinds. These are really good for subtle yet characteristic additions to your home and are a true testament to bare, neutral tones.

White shutter blinds in an all white living area

Private moments

Depending on your home and how it’s positioned, if you’re a homeowner that has to deal with being overlooked or have windows that backs onto busy streets, you don’t have to compromise on neutral blinds that still give you privacy. You can opt for roller blinds that still give you the same opaque finish but with the sleek good looks to match your style and desired looks. There are a huge number of designs to choose from and a vast amount of neutral tones to explore. A sheer Roller blind can solve the problem of daytime privacy and control any unwanted light that may sneak in through your windows. However, if you’re looking for a softer touch but still want the crispy whiteness, Roman blinds can offer a whole different look. With soft folded pleats, you can still brighten up the room and offer a more elegant touch.

Go traditional with curtains

No matter how many beautiful and high-quality blinds we can offer, sometimes curtains are always going to win. Sheer curtains as well as thicker, bolder materials can create the perfect ambience. Throughout the summer for example, light curtains are just great for creating spaces that are light and breezy. But as the temperature drops, you want to feel cosy and warm.  That’s why it’s a great idea to layer curtains.

Sheer curtains across bay windows

It’s all in the colour tones and palettes

Regardless of what you choose, it really does come down to the materials and colours you decide on. Neutrals are easy to live with and easier to match the rest of your homes aesthetics with. They are very cosy and calming and will match pretty much anything. You can also change up the aesthetics around your home without having to change your blinds or curtains. Explore the range we have today and get inspired.