Discreet Blinds Coventry

Bespoke Fitted Small Blinds

As you may already know we, Brixham Blinds, have a huge range of different designs and styles of blinds. But sometimes its the most simple things that fit best. That is why we have created a unique range of discreet blinds, for the more simplistic of homes.

Whether your home is all about minimalism or whether you just want a set of blinds that don’t act as a feature, we have a brilliant and innovative solution. Intu Blinds are the perfect combination of efficiency and style while staying out of the way and fitting perfectly into the window frame. These brand new blinds give you full control of light restriction as well as airflow if you need the windows open on the warm summer evenings. Get in touch if you think INTU Blinds are the perfect discreet blinds for your home.

Perfect Styles

As well as these Intu blinds, we also have a great range of different styles such as Vertical Blinds and Shutter Blinds these come all made to measure and with a 5-year guarantee, we can also have them measured and installed within 7 days. So to get your hands on our bespoke Roman Blinds or our Venetian Blinds range get in touch today and we can get you started.

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