How to dress your bespoke fitted bathroom blinds this Summer

We’ve been lucky enough to enjoy some hot days in Coventry and throughout the UK recently and this turned our attention to Summer. With everything that’s been going on with the current global pandemic, Covid-19 has definitely been the talking point of the last couple of months, so much so that Summer has crept upon us. Dressing your bespoke fitted bathroom blinds this Summer with the latest trends and designs may be a nice way of distracting you.

In this article, we’re going to discuss the latest trends when it comes to dressing your bespoke fitted bathroom blinds and give your home that added extra touch of personalisation.

It starts with the basics

Depending on the type of bespoke blinds you have, it determines how dusty they get. Wooden blinds and shutter blinds can get especially dusty due to their nature and more often than not, they can be forgotten about with the weekly chores. When the sunshine peaks through, it can easily highlight any areas that need a quick dust; nothing a quick spruce up can’t fix. If your bespoke fitted bathroom blinds are the main feature, then staying on top of maintenance can give the whole space a refreshed feel.

Layered neutrals for your bespoke fitted bathroom blinds

You’ve heard of the saying ‘less is more’ and this is definitely the case with organic, natural colours such as canvas white this year. With home and work continuously being mixed and the lines become blurred, you can create a sense of serenity by dressing your bespoke fitted bathroom blinds with neutral colours. A great way to add depth without it being overpowering is using different textures and tones. There are a vast array of styles and designs available and one of the best combinations is using two coordinating neutral shades to bring more elegance in comparison to one colour. Perfect fit roller blinds are ideal for layering as they clip neatly onto the window frame and won’t interfere.

Bold botanical

Keeping in theme with the neutral looks to create a sense of serenity, if you want a pop of colour that encompasses nature, you can incorporate botanical prints on your bespoke fitted bathroom blinds or throughout your bathroom. Embracing nature is a theme we have seen an increase in popularity over the years and it’s still very much going strong. Especially with the current lockdown, it’s highlighted the importance of being surrounded by nature.

Rich and vibrant colours are still very popular too and large tropical prints are ideal to bring the outside world in!

Floral fashions & raw and rustic colours

Floral prints will never go out of fashion when it comes to your bespoke fitted bathroom blinds. Having floral bursts across your bathroom and home is a great way for consistency and pops of subtle colour. They’re not as bold as tropical vibrant blinds but still encompass natural features. If you have quite a spacious bathroom that has a large window, adding floral patterns with a fabric roller blind is a great way to make a big impact. Welcoming natural elements into your interior designs brings you closer to the natural world. You can add unfinished and rustic hand-crafted items and additions to your bathroom and homes. We recommend pairing statement pieces in your home with one coloured, subtle bespoke fitted bathroom blinds that still make an impact.

Bespoke fitted bathroom blinds with pops of colour

Statement colour tones like Mustard and Emerald are truly great ways to add stylish, modern and rich tones to your home. These types of colours never date and your bespoke fitted bathroom blinds could be a great way to incorporate these colours. If you’re not after such a rich tone for your bespoke blinds, you could easily have statement pieces in your rooms in these colours. Vases, wash baskets and cupboards are great options.

For more inspiration, explore Brixham Blinds for endless options.