Fast and Fitted Blinds

You may have heard that all of our blinds are bespoke and fitted into every house and home perfectly. This is 100% true and we pride our selves on that, but what we would like to tell you is…

7 Day Fitting

We have always offered our 7-day fitting service since we first started. This is something we are proud to promote, we can have the measurements done within the first 48 hours and then within 7 days after that you can have your bespoke blinds be they Roller Blinds, Roman Blinds, Vertical Blinds or even Venetian Blinds.

Now we know you are interested but let us tell you a little more about what we do. Yes, we offer Made to measure Shutter Blinds and INTU Blinds but did you know we craft beautiful curtains? That’s right our curtains are made to measure just like the rest of our blinds!

Get in touch today and allow your house to start looking like a home with made to measure blinds. contact us on or call us on 02476 666 686.