Finding the perfect bespoke blinds for your nursery

When choosing bespoke blinds for your nursery, it can be one of the hardest things you can do. This is because you have to be even more aware and consider aspects that you may not have before if you were choosing blinds for yourself or an office for example. Bringing your little one home for the first time or welcoming your students for the first time is such a precious experience. When the big day comes, you want their nursery to be perfect.

Child safety is the most important thing

Blinds will help you achieve the perfect balance between style and functionality Whether it is your nursery room at home or you run your own nursery for multiple children, bespoke blinds should always be your first point of call. Why? Because you can get exactly what you’re looking for with all of the right requirements for children of all ages.

The most important factor when choosing bespoke blinds for your new nursery is safety. All blinds at Brixham Blinds are 100% child safe and our blinds have optional fittings like cleats to tie cords and other alternatives so that cords and chains are fixed and not loose, out of harm’s way. We can offer a neat and subtle way for your blind to be safe and keep with the design so as not to impact on blinds themselves. We believe that it is always to be safe than sorry.


Blackout bespoke blinds could be a game-changer

You might have a stylish nursery – but it doesn’t mean your baby is always going to sleep soundly in it. From their midnight hunger cries to waking you up at the crack of dawn, a good nights sleep can seem like a lifetime ago. Regardless if you have a newborn or toddlers, sleeping patterns can go undisturbed with blackout blinds. They ensure that little no light comes through the material of the blind. A blackout roller blind or bespoke roman blinds will be the best option as they are one solid piece of material. It also allows for less dust to gather keeping the environment clearer for babies and toddlers to sleep in.

Roman blinds add a softness to any room and with our made-to-measure options, they’ll fit perfectly. During the winter, these quality blinds help to block out any draughts. When the summer sun is shining, roll them up and let the natural light flow in. These blinds are also easy to operate and highly durable – both ideal when little ones are causing mischief. The best thing about these options? They will last well into toddler years or older.


Your blinds, your way

We like to get creative at Brixham Blinds, just like your babies and children. You can provide your children, babies and toddlers with a world of imagination or pops of colours by choosing childlike patterns or prints such as butterflies, stars or cars and boats. If bespoke blinds with patterns are less your thing, you can go for vibrant and bright solid colours. These are more likely to match your interiors if you more of a neutral look.