From Venice With Love

Often used the Venetian blinds are frequently considered a great choice, so here is a break down of why the Venetian blinds are so popular:




First things first (obviously), venetian blinds are stylish, there is no question about it wether they are wooden or aluminium they always look great adoring the perfect window. Often seen in films venetian blinds are perfect as they fit all types of decoration, so what ever your style the venetian style will suit!

Easy to clean

A great feature of the venetian blinds is that they are so easy to clean, they may gather dust or you may accidentally spill something on them but they wont let you down simply wipe them with a damp cloth and away the dirt and stains go. This makes them perfect for a multitude of rooms in your house and we all know sometimes cleaning is a chore but this being easy does help.

Simple and easy to use

Venetian Blinds really are simple to use, i know you are thinking how can blinds be difficult but this ones just make it that bit simpler. They offer a brilliant range of motion for you to control the light and privacy in your rooms. they move vertically if you want a full uninterrupted view from your window but they also pivot to point horizontally up or down letting in or reducing light at just a pull of a cord. And don’t forget all of our blinds are up to the safety legislation policy.

Where to put them?

Although we have already pointed out that they look great in every room you put them in, we think they best suit rooms such as the kitchen or conservatories. This is because they are lightweight and low maintenance and in room such as these they best suit the environment.

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