Going With The Grain.

Here at Brixham Blinds we offer a huge and diverse collection of blinds from Roller Blinds to Vertical Blinds. But did you know that we have a stunning collection of wooden shutter and venetian blinds? No? Well let us tell you all about them and why choosing them might be you best decision yet. Who ever said, go against the grain?

Our wooden shutter blinds and venetian blinds come in varying shades and styles and because they are all bespoke and made to measure they will fit your window perfectly because we even do the measurements ourselves. Want to know more? Well you in luck, here we go!

Grain And Simple

When we get down to it we have to admit our wooden blinds are brilliant (someone had to say it) they are incredibly durable and and this stands for a lot. As well as our fabric blind these shutters and venetians are not easy to damage and that is one reason we think they are fantastic, they do not rip and it takes a lot to snap them. Not only this but they are very easy to clean, they have slats that can be wiped with a dry cloth or even just use a vacuum cleaner to pull the dust right off it. For more information about How To Clean Your Blinds check out our previous blog post.

Purple Grain

Our range of wooden shutter blind are vast, we are sure we have exactly what you need to finish off any room of the house. Although fabric blinds give a subtle hint of style while tying the room together with a splash of colour, our wooden shutter blinds are often the centre of attention while keeping an air of class about them, like they are straight out of a palace. They are a great way to stylise your home and with a set of wooden shutter blinds you can control how much light you let in to the room, thats right, you are in full control.

For more information about our range of wooden shutter blinds or wooden venetian blinds, or if you would like to see the rest of our bespoke fitted blinds call us on 02476 666 686 or email us at info@brixham-blinds.co.uk. Don’t hesitate, book your 48 hour measurement now, you’ll never look back!