How To Clean Your Blinds

How to clean your bespoke fitted blinds, without damaging them is so important when you have high quality made to measure blinds. But worry no more, sit back off the edge of your seat and we will give you all the answers and relax you so when it comes to cleaning you are fully knowledgable.

Damp Cloths Are Not For Everyone (or every blind)

When it comes to cleaning with a damp cloth you have to be very careful, i know it doesn’t sound like an big issue but if you use moister on wooden blinds like the shutters or wooden Venetians it could end up warping them. But that is when we are here to help you out.

There is only three instance to use a damp cloth on your blinds, firstly, you can use it on your Roller Blinds whether its for light stain removal or dust, if the stains are harder to remove you can use a stain removing fabric cleaner as per the manufacturers guidelines. Secondly you can use damp cloths on your Vertical blinds and their rails for dust or if you have stained it you can again use a fabric cleaner. When  it comes to Roman Blinds we advise that you only use damp cloths if their is a stain.

Just Suck It Up

Don’t panic we aren’t going to leave you guessing, the main way to clean Roman Blinds with out using a damp cloth is to use your vacuum cleaner. By using your vacuum with the bristle head attachment you can clear away the dust without damaging the fabric at all. We also suggest using this method on your Shutter Blinds or even, for a fast dust removal, on your venetian blinds. Your Venetian blinds can also be done using a dry cloth just to remove dust, and can be done most efficiently if done individually by each slat. When it comes to Shutter Blinds it is import to not get to much moister on the wooden slats as this can make them swell and warp over time, and could remove polish if wiped too hard.

We do hope this has helped you and has given you something to take away on how to clean your bespoke fitted blinds. If you have anymore questions or would like to contact us about our ranges or getting your own made to measure blinds call us on 02476 666 686 or email us at