All About INTU

With the weather picking up you might be looking for new blinds that are lightweight and compact perfect for the lighter evening spent in your conservatories or the dining room/ kitchen. INTU Blinds are perfect for just that.

Full Control With Compact Features

INTU Blinds are a brand new technology, that allows you to have the same control as normal blinds but with lightweight and compact features. This new design of blinds allows you more space in your room without any of the tracks and fittings like our Vertical Blinds or Roman Blinds. Our INTU Blinds also act as a perfect way of allowing the late summer sun into any room but with the added bonus of privacy.

We believe these blinds are best put to use in rooms that are sun facing but are also requiring privacy like the conservatory on a late summer evening or in the dining room while you’re eating so this still gives you that all-important sense of comfort. These brilliant blinds solve many issues, for example, we recognise that every home is different and some have less space than others so why fill up valuable space with hardwood Shutter Blinds when you can have the same effect but with much more simplicity and a different sense of style.

Easily Managed

INTU Blinds are practical and easily managed, and when it comes to safety they are the safest blinds on the market having eliminated hanging strings or loops. So you can rest in the comfort that whichever room they are in they are safe. We also have a range of other blinds that come equipped with safety features surpassing the latest guidelines allowing you to live without worry.

Get in touch with us at or call us on 02476 666 686, we will help you get started with your bespoke blind makeover and make sure your blinds are perfect for you and your home.