Modern Shutters

We always want to keep our customers up to date with trends and deals so we have now a great tip just for you! When we look at our blinds we see what is selling and what the next big this will be and our prediction? Shutter Blinds!!

That’s right modern shutters are the next big trend in blinds. We have compiled a list to answer why they are going to be so big and how you can get your hands on them and keep them in tip-top condition when you do!

Made Of Stern Stuff

Our shutter blinds are hard wearing, no matter what they are made from our shutter will last. They are made for the impact and because they are made from wood you know they are high quality (but low on price). We are proud of our shutter blinds because not only do they allow you to control the amount of light you let in your room and the direction thank you to the panelled styling of the shutters but they also allow you to control the airflow. This works in the same respect as the light control, you have full control of the swivelling slats(up and down) as well as opening the shutters by sliding them out of the way for a greater space for air and light flow.

Stands Out, But Fits In!

One Thing we absolutely can not get enough of is how our Shutter Blinds are a huge statement piece while subtly fitting into any room whether it’s in the main room or bedrooms. These Blinds really do stand out and pull a room together at the same time, visitors, friends and family wont be able to take their eyes off the stylish and sleek Bespoke Fitted Blinds. And when it comes to cleaning these bold blinds it couldn’t be easier, we suggest if its just everyday dirt or dust, a damp cloth and wiping down each slat. If it is a stain rather than dirt applying a little force and a little more water should do the trick.

Brixham Blinds has the best prices and deal in Coventry and Warwickshire and because every set of blinds is made to measure and fitted for you, you really won’t find quality like this anywhere else. Have any enquiries? contact us on 02476 666 686 or email us on