One For The Bed Room

Blacking out is often refer to as a negative…

But we mean, of course, blackout blinds! Black out blinds are great for use in bed rooms during summer when the sun rises early (BOO!) and sets late (WOO!) so you can get your precious sleep (gosh knows we need it). Are you struggling to sleep during these summer months? Well although we cant help with the heatwave (if it ever comes) we can give you a helping hand when it comes to blocking out the summer sun (if we see any).

Our black out blinds come in different styles and all are bespoke fitted blinds. So when you have spent your time out on the decking all day, why not deck out your home with high quality blackout blinds. Currently we have a fantastic offer on:

What a great offer even if we do say so our selves. Our Vertical blinds  are high quality and are fitted just for your home so are guaranteed to fit, and come with a 5 year guarantee! So don’t hesitate, call today on 0247 666 686 or email us at so you can all the beauty sleep you need for the long days.