Our New Ranges

Thats right, you didn’t dream those words. We have released a brand new range of Blinds, Intu Blinds, we know you are going to love them so will go in to a little more detail about them later on.

The next big reveal is…

We Now Sell Curtains!!

This is a great new product and we are so happy for you to see our designs and styles! As well as selling curtains we will also offer a brilliant new service called Fabric Match, where we can take the fabric you choose for your curtains and turn them in to matching cushions and also matching roman blinds, so all of your house can flow with the same style!! Its a brilliant addition to our range and with the same promises such as our 5 year guarantee and the 48 hour measurements we cant wait for you to be impressed with this service aswell.

Intu Blinds

These brilliant little blinds are made for small spaces and are perfect for conservatories and other window with small frames. What they do is they fit perfectly within the frame with out any screws or nails and then can be drawn by pulling on the tap rather than having a hanging cord or beaded loop, this makes it the safest set of blind for any house as children are at even less risk than before. Although these blinds are safe all of our blind come with regulation safety measurements and precautions. Intu Blinds are perfect for small homes and brilliant for children’s rooms, they also come in two styles Pleated and Roller.

Need more information? Head over to our Intu Blinds page or our Curtains page, alternatively you can email us at info@brixham-blinds.co.uk or call on 02476 666 686.