The personal touch with Brixham Blinds

When you’re moving into a new house or apartment or simply want a refresh around the place, adding the personal touch can be tricky to make your house a home. This is even harder if you’re quite indecisive and are quick to change your mind. Don’t worry – the team at Brixham Blinds completely get it.

We’ve put this handy guide together to help all of you owners, renters or visitors to help get the personal touch with simple yet effective ways. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to change your décor frequently, or rarely at all, with these simple tips, you’re guaranteed to get exactly what you want.

Utilising temporary fixtures

This one is for the people who continuously change their mind and there is nothing wrong with that. But, you may face a problem when you change your mind often and have holes in your wall left, right and centre.

Using adhesive fixtures allows you to decorate your walls without having any permanent damage. Whether it’s a factor picture or painting, an adhesive ‘attachment’ can safely hang up and display your chosen frames without having to drill a permanent hole.

We’ve even got the same offering at Brixham Blinds. You can get bespoke INTU blinds without the need for holes or screws.

Our made to measure INTU Blinds from Brixham Blinds offer a brilliant option for compact windows and slim but effective solutions to privacy and lighting. They are the most simplistic and safest blinds you can buy with no drills, no screws but full of style. Especially perfect if you’re looking to change relatively soon … but we’ll keep that between us.


How bespoke intu blinds work

Pay attention to lighting

This one should go without saying but it is very easy to overlook this. The right kind of lighting can completely transform a room and your home and this can be achieved through a variety of ways. If you’re looking to add different physical lighting, you have the option of using fairy lights, lamps, chandeliers or even battery-powered tea lights to add some instant ambience.

Perhaps the most lighting to pay attention to is the one from your windows. A sturdy blind can give you privacy any time of day, hide nosey neighbours but most importantly, block outside light when sleeping. On the other hand, opening them in the morning can be an instant mood lifter. There’s nothing that beats natural light, and blinds are often less costly than curtains – making them a cheap and easy way to control light in your home.

The best blinds at Brixham Blinds for this has to be shutter blinds. There are several ways to control the light with them and they offer an elegant yet subtle touch to your rooms.


White shutter blinds in a white living room

Introducing natural textures

Playing around with different textures is a fun way to add some personality and visual interest to the interior of your house and probably the best way to make it your own.
Whilst smooth wood is often best for the kitchen area, introduce some live wood in the dining room to make your table the real centrepiece. Reclaimed wood is also a great way to add some new furnishings to any space, and can look very trendy when paired with modern, or industrial accessories. In shared spaces, wooden blinds or printed blinds can keep your home feeling open and relaxed all year round. Choose textures that contrast, but complement each other to create an interesting, but balanced look. To explore the vast range of materials and looks we have, take a look.


Wooden shutter blinds


Decorate with house plants

Decorating your home with houseplants is the easiest way to bring nature into your home and add natural textures to keep your home feeling light and relaxed. Indoor greenery is always a winner with Brixham blinds.

Not only do house plants look great – they’re also good for your health. To compliment such greenery in your home, a bespoke and custom roller blind or roman blind will always be the go-to. Their subtle yet flowing aesthetic adds to the relaxed and breathable vibe of your room when adding greener tones. These are a great way to lighten up a room as they are very lightweight and airy. They can give any room a refined and precise finish and with hundreds of different designs and colours, they can easily fit in with any room and any décor.


Speak to Melamaster

We appreciate more than anyone that you simply may not know what to add to your rooms and that’s fine. We have the confidence and expertise to guide you on the right addition to your home. All of our bespoke blinds come with a complete 5-year guarantee and a 7-day fitting promise so don’t delay getting in touch today.