Real vs Faux Wood Venetian Blinds in Coventry

Let’s set the scene. You’ve decided you want some new bespoke blinds in your house. Great. After endless searching, you’ve come to the conclusion that wooden Venetian blinds in Coventry is the choice for you. Even better. However, you’re stuck at the last hurdle, you’re not sure which ones you should go for: faux or real wood.
It prominently comes down to taste, with a few considerations thrown in for good measure. We’re going to discuss these in some detail so you can compare and more important decided which Venetian blinds in Coventry are best for you. Buckle up; things are about to get exciting.

The difference between faux and real wood Venetian blinds

Real wood Venetian blinds are made from basswood, which is typically from North America. It looks great because it has evenly textured grains and is found all over the world for different items like guitars, drums and our favourite, blinds. Because it’s real wood, there are a few added benefits that faux wood doesn’t have including being lighter in weight, adding window insulation and internal colour staining. This literally means the colour sits within the wood so it’s less likely to fade over time.
Faux wood blinds are made from composite materials such as vinyl and PVC, making them very durable and longer-lasting. The level of detail means that they look very similar to genuine wooden blinds, but at a more affordable cost but of course, it’s true wood. These are easier to decide upon because all you have to do is choose your slat size instead of considering the cost. The best thing about faux wood is that it pretty much simulates real wood, unless you get really close to it but even then, to the naked eye, it can be very hard to tell.

Wooden blinds with sun light in a house room

The Colours of Faux and Real Wood Blinds

The best thing about Venetian blinds in Coventry is that they come in a wide range of colours, not just your tradition colours. Naturally, depending on what you choose, there are wood tone Venetian blinds that celebrate the colours and textures of genuine wood, and there are also colours that provide a more solid block of colour.

Where can I use wooden blinds in my house?

We would typically avoid using real wooden Venetian blinds in Coventry in any room that has additional moisture in the air like your bathrooms and kitchens. The wood can absorb the moisture and this can begin to affect the look and feel of your blinds. Rooms and living spaces that have high levels of moisture or humidity would be better suited to the non-porous faux wooden blinds as they are resistant to warping.
Faux wood blinds will be a lot more forgiving when it comes to sudden changes in temperature, high levels of moisture and watermarks from sink splashes. In these scenarios, we see white faux wood blinds as a popular choice. These are also very neutral therefore can match any interior.

Blinds window decoration interior of room - Vintage Filter

Are Venetian blinds in Coventry easy to clean?

If you hadn’t guessed by now, keep all types of liquids away from real wood blinds. Venetian blinds are easy to clean because it’s a simple case of wiping them down with a light-damp cloth. After this, it requires no other effort apart from a few wipes. We would avoid using cleaning solutions and liquids as this can damage the wood. Our best advice is that if you stay on top of cleaning your blinds regularly, you won’t need any heavy-duty chemicals. Dust may be more inclined to gather on Venetian blinds but a simple wipe will do the job. Faux wooden Venetian blinds in Coventry are can be cleaned with a variety of cleaning fluids and with water as the composite material is more resilient than wood.

Which type of wooden Venetian blind is the lightest?

Hands down, real wood Venetian blinds are much lighter. For small windows, this is pretty much negligible, but over bigger windows, the collective weight of the slats adds up.
It can be difficult to raise or lower a faux wood Venetian blind that spans a large window, and so we would use two or three individual bespoke blinds to break it up. This is great for controlling light flow because you have the ability to shade off certain areas of a window but not casting the whole room into darkness. Absolute perfection for a sunny day or to get cosy during those winter months.

Opened venetian plastic blinds with sunlight in the morning. White plastic window with blinds. Interior design of living room with window horizontal blinds. Window slatted shades made of plastic.

 Still undecided?

If you still can’t make up your mind, get in touch and we can talk to you about what you require. Have a look for yourself through our blind collections or if you have already seen something you like why not book your consultation today.