Shopping bespoke blinds in winter colours

Winter is the perfect time to experiment with different colours in your home. As the cold, dark nights draw in, you may want to add some warmth into your home or inject colour to brighten it up. At Brixham blinds, we provide a range of bespoke blinds in a variety of colours and patterns – perfect for your winter home refresh. Our made to measure blinds and fitting will ensure that your blinds fit in seamlessly, whatever your space or colour palette.

Blue Bespoke Blinds

Dark and stormy hues of blue have been the colour of not only this season but all year. From navy feature walls to royal blue sofas, blue is no longer a gloomy colour. There’s no need to be scared of deep dark blues, this interior trend has redefined the colour as luxurious and classy. Take your luxurious interior style to the next level with deep blue velvet furnishings. Not only will it add luxury, but also warmth and depth to any room.

Go bespoke: Roller blinds are a simple, sleek choice for any home and are available in a range of colours. No need to worry about marking your blue roller blinds, the dark colour means and stains will be hard to see anyway. Roller blinds are extremely practical as they are so easy to clean, simply wipe with a clean damp cloth. With made to measure blinds and fitting, deep blue blinds would be the perfect accent colour in your room.


Rich Pinks

Millennial pinks are a tone of the past, now it’s all about rich pinks – ideal for bringing warmth into your home this winter. Stand out from the crowd this winter and choose dusty shades of pink that are rich with muted colour, rather than the pastel tone we’ve come to see everywhere. The brilliant thing about adding rich pink tones into your home is that it goes with everything; adding colour and brightening up neutral interiors, or adding a lighter touch to dark rooms.

Go bespoke: When choosing pink bespoke blinds, go for lightweight roman blinds to keep your room’s pink tones rich, but delicate at the same time. The lightweight material means roman blinds are ideal for a minimalist look, an interior style that compliments pink perfectly. They are also ideal for small windows, taking up a minimal amount of room and helping you utilise your space.


Dramatic Black Bespoke Blinds

This year it’s all about being bold and fearless with interior choices. Gone are the days of all-white-everything rooms that can often feel cold and clinical. For those that love a dramatic room, you can’t get much better than black. When used in the right way, black can add depth, character, warmth and drama to any room without feeling gothic. Dark colours are soothing, cosy and elegant – every day we wear black without giving it a second thought, so why not give our homes the same qualities? Made to measure blinds and fitting will help you achieve this sleek, seamless look in any room.

Go bespoke: Why not start small and try out black interiors in your home’s smaller rooms, such as your bathroom. The dark tones will be enriched by the metal, ceramic and stone bathroom features. If you don’t want to take the plunge on the walls, go for strong black wooden shutter bespoke blinds, black towels and a fluffy black bath mat to ease yourself into the dark side.

Wooden shutter blinds add luxury to any room, without the hassle. Simply wipe your wooden shutter blinds clean every so often and you’ll have no problem keeping dust at bay. Shutter blinds offer you that added bit of privacy, making them the perfect choice for your bathroom. Wooden shutter blinds also offer sound and heat insulation benefits, ideal for keeping your home cosy in winter. They also offer good ventilation for summer, you can keep your window open for airflow but your shutters closed to block out any sunlight.


Shades of Green

This colour trend has been creeping in for the past couple of years, mainly in the form of vast amounts of indoor plants, but now it’s here to stay. From deep velvety greens to muted olive tones, going green will help you bring the outdoors in this winter. Green is the perfect complementary tone for neutrals, making it even easier for you to inject some colour into your home this winter. Green doesn’t have to be a basic colour in your home when combined with gold furnishing and accessories, green tones will add glamour to any room.

Go bespoke: Compliment your green interiors with the natural wood of made to measure fitted Venetian blinds, or go dark and bold with some bespoke roller blinds in a forest green shade. Venetian blinds are easy to maintain and give you that added bit of control over your home’s lighting and privacy. Lift them completely, or use the mechanism to twist the slats and let in as much light as you desire.

Thinking of experimenting with colour in your home this winter? Why not refresh your fittings with our range of bespoke blinds. Give us a call and book your free quote today.