A timeless beauty: Shutter blinds

Bespoke window blinds do not have to be boring and you don’t have to constantly keep changing if you’re worried about them going out of fashion or becoming outdated. Shutter blinds are wide wooden slats that have taken the blind industry by storm and for good reason to. They’re elegant, they’re dramatic but they’re also a very decorative statement without looking too flashy.

This might have you wondering: Are shutter blinds the right choice?

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Introducing Shutter blinds

Shutter blinds are slightly more in price due to the nature of your characteristics, however, in comparison to other blinds, you’re not looking at paying much more. Of course, that being said and as with anything else, this will hinge greatly on the material, size and quantity you’re getting. However, regardless of which Shutter blinds you go for, one thing that is guaranteed is the high high quality and long lasting addition to your household will be a timeless beauty.

Types of shutter blinds

Another great thing about shutter blinds is that there are different variations available. The ones you opt for depend on the style of windows you have, the room they’re in and ultimately, what you’re looking for and prefer. Cafe-inspired shutters are only hung on the bottom half of your windows and are them most cost effective way of having shutter blinds. These are great if you live at street level and need some privacy but want to let some light in. If you like the idea of this but want your whole window covered, there are tier on tier shutter blinds which is essentially two sets of the cafe-inspired shutters and sit on top of each other. Very versatile and offer a lot of flexibility when it comes to privacy, light and temperature control.  Of course, your only options aren’t ones that cover half the window. Full height shutter blinds will do just that. They will cover up until the natural break in your window and you will have one next to it.


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Are they worth it?

If you’re looking for a timeless addition to your home that are elegant, stylish and can match any interior, the answer is yes. They are energy-conserving, good for privacy and very durable. The most important element we believe is that no matter how many times your interior design and style changes, shutter blinds can match them all. They truly are a timeless beauty.