Tips of choosing kitchen blinds

It’s no denying that your kitchen is the heart of your home and in most homes, a lot of time is spent in there. It’s really important to to create an environment that is welcoming and more importantly, comfortable. When it comes to choosing kitchen blinds, we’ve put some top tips together so you can choose the right ones for your kitchen

Heavy fabrics are a no-go

When choosing blinds for your kitchen, you have to keep in mind things like cooking smells, splashes and spillages. Fully-lined curtains may look beautiful but are they really the best choice for your kitchen. You want to add window dressings that are discreet, won’t hold kitchen smells and if needs be, can be easily cleaned. Good options to consider are light-weight roman or roller for effortless fitting.

Window blinds Coventry. Green roller blinds in kitchen window. Dark walls and dining table.

Choose splash-proof blinds

If you’re always cooking up a storm in the kitchen or have windows that are situated above the sink, splash proof blinds will be a good option. If this is the case for you and your family, look at vertical blinds or PVC options. These are sensible, easy to clean and mould resistant too. This means more cooking and less time worrying.

Don’t settle when there is alternatives available

If there are certain materials you like the look of but they’re not feasible, explore alternatives. For example, wooden blinds are beautiful and can bring a hint of nature into your home. However, practicality tells us that wooden blinds are a no-go for kitchens. You can look into faux-wood which means you don’t have to settle. These are perfect for humid spaces as the water repellent elements will not warp in steamy conditions.

Printed Roller Blinds in kitchen area
Choose blinds that are good for storage and privacy

If you’re lucky enough to have a lot of room in your kitchen, choosing dressings with storage in mind might not be an issue. However, opting for a simple and stylish roller blind would be idea for keeping additional room and storage space; keeping your window shelf free. If your kitchen is overlooked by neighbours or busy roads, you may need to opt for blinds that offer privacy and light control. Roman or roller additions are especially good for this. If you have several windows, you can mix it up and go for shutters to ensure maximum privacy.